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Thread: Preview of the June Signin Hero- the Inferno

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryChinaski View Post
    I can't look up, as mine is 101 and skill description says hit rate for enemies at lvl102 (because he has +1 skill gear) is 100%, but I'm pretty sure hit rate is always 100% on an enemy being same or lower level of the skill level, it's same for every hero, never seen it different.

    In case of a lvl51 Inferno, if the skill is maxed (so 51 skill points) hit rate is 100% on enemies being lvl51 or lower. As said, this is common on all heroes having hit rate mentioned in skill description, you should look up if you really have the skill upgraded to 51
    Skill not max at lvl 51 yet. Now I skill-upgrade him from 48 to 51 and the lvl description now matches up to lvl 51. So no issue now.

    Anyone intend to up this guy and see whether it is worth investing?

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    I have him r2 4 equip 5*. His DD is actually quite insane when he gets to ult once or even twice. Rivals sorceress at 150k+ damage. Problem is that hes inconsistent. Many matches he will never ult cause hes still very fragile to NA,sapper,pm etc. Timing of the average mani ult will always fuck his up. And sometokes when he does ult it wont even hit the enemies if the first enemy he targets dies on route (since its a slow moving blob) instead of moving to next closest enemy his ult will just float off screen. In other cases, if he targets a commander when charging offscreen it floats away and does nothing, if targetting succubus when she teleports to scream itll float off screen, if he targets eb and eb does blazing blades then itll float off screen etc.

    So for that reason hes niche. Very inconsistent but cam be insane if he gets 1 effective ult off, or in very rare cases 2.

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