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Thread: Advice needed on guild merging please!!

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    Advice needed on guild merging please!!

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to find out how do I contact another lower level guild if I wish to request them to merge with mine.

    What function in the game do I use to contact another guild's leader.

    Also once I have contacted them, how does one make the switch?

    I would love to know how do I move my members to another guild for a merge as well as another guild moving to mine.

    Any advice on guild mergers would be appreciated.


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    1. Are you familiar with how communicating with people in everyday situations go?
    2. Are you confident in your reading comprehension?
    3. Do you play Heroes Charge?
    4. Have you ever played any other game, ever?

    If you can't answer all the above with a yes or maybe this might not be the right environment for you. I get the idea that you heard something like: "merge = get stronger" but you're talking about real people here.

    You (hopefully not only you) are going to have to make some decisions and communicatie with the other guild(s) about every aspect of working together in the future. Even trivial stuff like which members go to which guild and what guild tag will be used.

    If you're being serious here, your first step is to literally ask "Do you want to merge with us"? Find someone in the guild, click on their name and send a mail.
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    As a consultant for Heroes Charge guilds - I get this question a bunch. My advice is to start the conversation with one of the following introductions:

    1) I find you and your guildmates attractive, I would you like to "knock da boots" with you
    2) World Viagra is only Valid HERE!
    3) But they'll never get past the new Gay Delta Force!
    4) You ever get so mad you just start screaming random insults at people?
    5) Here you go, little guy! It's a little camouflage hat
    6) Is "officeslut" here the verb? Noun?
    7) They protested female priests, but nobody complained about...

    Please let me know if you would like to hear more and I can provide a custom quote for my services. I think you will find my prices quite reasonable

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    Hey there,
    In order to contact them you need to contact their leader as first, Because he is the one in charge.
    First of all, contact their leader and tell him that you are interested in merging, This way of communication could be possible by trying to grab his attention in World Chat, Just type "Hey (guild leader name) can you please contact me asap?" , If he reads the World Chat frequently he might contact back, Another way may be that you see him typing in World Chat, you then can click on his name and then "Whisper" or "Mail", both are good ways of communication.
    Personally, I experienced a guild merge so I can tell you that ours went great because it was planned thoroughly, the merge happened in 3-4 hours, We contacted the other guilds leader, He informed his guild members using the messages leaders can send to all guild members (I'm sure you're familiar with that since you are a leader yourself).
    Now its just up for the other guild's members to decide whether they want to join you or not.
    You can't force your members to move to another guild, they can do so themselves, They can leave the current guild they are in and apply for the other guild (Keep in mind there's a 1 hour timer between switching guilds as far as i remember).
    Only advice i can give you about guild mergers is that you need to find a guild that has cooperative members, People who can communicate with you easily, For example, Our guild has a Line/WhatsApp chat room with all 50 members inside it.

    Good luck I suppose.
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