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Thread: Championship Changes Needed

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    Championship Changes Needed

    Championship is a neat idea, but I think it could be bettered.
    1. Inspiration needs to go. It's turning it into pay to play feature.
    2. Keep our 3 teams, but make it a win or go home type of event. Seed all the teams according to total power of the 3 teams and go 1 in total power vs the lowest total power. Kinda of like seedings in sports tournaments. Win then move to the next round lose and out. Kinda frustrating when I was undefeated and wasn't able to make it to the next round. I understand it was scored based, but I rather look ugly and win than look good and lose.
    3. Maybe even do it lvl based like 96-100 bracket 91-95 bracket and so forth. Level 70 has no chance versus a level 100.

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    I agree. Continents wasn't such a great idea.

    Level or power based is much fairer for everyone - based on top 15 power, so people can't make an intentionally weaker team to get into a lower bracket.

    My proposal:

    Teams are sorted at the start of the championship, and don't move from their group after that. Groups can be organized in brackets of 5000 ~ 10,000 power. Bigger groups can be subdivided randomly into A, B, C, D, ..., Z, AA, ... etc.
    And each group should have a roughly similar number of teams. I proposed 500 teams per group.

    Each round cuts a good portion of the players out.

    Preliminary selection (14 days)

    Day 1: signup and preliminary team formation.
    Day 2: group placement. placed randomly according to grand power value.
    Day 3: 500 teams fight x3
    Day 4: change formation
    Day 5: 500 teams fight x3
    Day 6: change formation
    Day 7: 500 teams fight x3. 250 proceed.
    Day 8: change formation
    Day 9: 250 teams fight x3
    Day 10: change formation
    Day 11: 250 teams fight x3
    Day 12: change formation
    Day 13: 250 teams fight x3. 99 proceed.
    Day 14: rewards and formation

    Top 100 knockout rounds (6 days)

    Day 15: 99 teams fight x3. 48 proceed.
    Day 16: formation
    Day 17: 48 teams fight x3. 24 proceed.
    Day 18: formation
    Day 19: 24 teams fight x3. 16 proceed.
    Day 20: rewards and formation

    Finals betting round (8 days)

    Day 21: 16 teams fight x1. 8 proceed.
    Day 22: formation
    Day 23: 8 teams fight x1. 4 proceed.
    Day 24: formation.
    Day 25: 4 teams fight x1. 2 proceed.
    Day 26: formation
    Day 27: 2 teams fight x1. Group champion.
    Day 28: rewards

    Total time: 28 days.
    Rewards on: 14th day (preliminary round)
    Rewards on: 20th day (top 100)
    Rewards on: 28th day (finals + bets)

    There is no need to do an overall finals, as it will mean unfair chances to some players.

    One championship would run every month on GMT. The extra days are a cool down time, and it always starts on the first of the month. February and March would have back-to-back championships without any cooldown time.

    I think a round robin qualifier with worthy prizes, then rng sorts players into the final rounds. No gem prizes necessary. It should be frag prizes from the start. Perhaps 500 gems for sign-up only, put in the mailbox went the betting round opens, mainly as a reminder to players that the final round will begin - 500 is enough for 1 gold chest in the betting round.
    Frags can be tiered, so only purple frags at the beginning, then moves on the orange frags only in the middle rounds, with soul stones only in the finals.

    The reward quantity could be specific to which power level group you belong to.

    And no inspiration button.

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