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Thread: [youtube] Troll Princess R1 5stars Spotlight by Xalyth

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    [youtube] Troll Princess R1 5stars Spotlight by Xalyth

    Hey guys,
    Since the offer will be removed shortly and I got requests about troll princess
    I took the time to test her at full R1 5 stars.

    Here's a video to give you an idea of her worth if you haven't seen her in action yet.
    Might help you with your decision.

    Here is the link:

    NEW ~ Heroes Charge - Troll Princess R1 Spotlight

    Like, Comment, Subscribe and Enjoy !
    You can find me @ :

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    I ran a 3s troll and 3s sorceress ..sorceress out dmg TP by almost 1.5x

    N obviously sorceress have bunch of control skill and TP have none...
    If I were gonna buy a 30k gear package I rather go for Sorceress.

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