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Thread: [youtube] Sorceress R1 by Xalyth

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    Welcome back

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    She isn't game changing but she can be a huge force on off arena team setups against those time out healing teams, this again was noted in this thread and other threads. An experienced and well prepared player can easily expose her if she's on def setups ( RF, TF, DeB, DL, NA, AS) all pose threats.

    Mani is still more reliable at the moment because she's 5* obviously, but a 5* sorceress may replace her in the future. But again not a complete meta changer, that title only belongs to TF.

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    Did you try to mix her with tp? To see if their damage compare in the same battle?

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    sorceress deals more =) I didn't want her (troll princess) to be eclipsed by sorceress in my video haha =) Since I was planning to release a Troll princess video (which I did)
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