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Thread: DeB at R1

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    DeB at R1

    Is he still viable? Looking to run DeB, Griff, CA, Chem and DV or LB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayRed85 View Post
    Is he still viable? Looking to run DeB, Griff, CA, Chem and DV or LB.
    Extremely tanky with a LOT of damage output. Mine is R only but will be my first r1 tank.

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    Yes DeB is definitely viable at R1 but you have to be careful with that lineup though on paper it looks sick.

    DeB is not a "true" tank though the stat calculator says otherwise at R1 DeB has some alarming stats that even Trump's TF (better armor, MR) but his role is different. I often use him as an off tank, he survives a LONG time when positioned behind durable tanks and can really disrupt enemies attack flow, of RNG plays a big part.

    He's really good against heroes who create clones/phantoms (DV, CW, FD) and can turn EB into his slave if he lands his curse ult on him. I think the only thing that's missing is a legendary, once that's comes along I think DeB could devastate some players.

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