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Thread: Heroes Ratings May 2016

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    Heroes Ratings May 2016

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another guide. This one is just rating all heroes out of ten, and saying what their uses are. I will try to get every hero in here but if I forget one just tell me in the comments and I will edit the post. The heroes will appear in alphabetical order.
    EDIT: This Thread has been updated for June Heroes as well, and has been adapted to the meta game. Leave a comment below if you would prefer I make a new thread titled "Heroes Ratings June 2016".

    Ace: 7.25/10
    Pros: High attack speed, good life steal, able to quickly kill low health enemies with effectiveness similar to Desert Lycan.
    Cons: His ult isn't too powerful, the clone can't cast skills, and Death Bringer wrecks the entire point of his ult

    Admiral: 7/10
    Pros: Admiral is pretty tanky from orange to orange+1, from around 85-93.
    Cons: Outside of those gear levels, admiral is relatively squishy.

    Ancient Protector: 6/10
    Pros: Ancient protector is useful in a healing team, he is a good combo with hidden needle and cleric.
    Cons: If ancient protector fails to ultimate he isn't very good

    Arcane Sapper: 7/10
    Pros: Arcane Sapper can be deadly if he is used correctly and against the right team
    Cons: Sapper only really works on attack, and he is still very easy to counter with many defensive setups.

    Bear Warrior: 6/10
    Pros: Bear Warrior is one of the best raid heroes once you get his legendary skill
    Cons: He is very squishy, he has extremely low survivability capabilities.

    Brute: 3/10
    Pros: He can usually kill an enemy hero with his ultimate if they are below half health
    Cons: He has VERY low survivability, never survivies very long, never long enough to ultimate

    Cat Fencer: 7/10
    Pros: He has good survivability, especially vs physical damage heroes
    Cons: His skills are good in terms of what they do, however the actual damage behind them is minimal

    Chaplain: 7/10
    Pros: She is very good for crusade, a must have, and she is also good in hidden needle and cleric teams
    Cons: She has pretty much the lowest damage in the game

    Chemist: 9/10
    Pros: He has good survivability and CC, and his ultimate skill makes him immune to CC as well as heals him an increases his attack speed greatly
    Cons: He only deals mediocre damage when he isn't in his ultimate mode

    Cleric: 8.25/10
    Pros: Cleric is very useful in hidden needle teams, and he is also great for arena defense teams designed to outlast the enemy team for 1:30
    Cons: Cleric, like chaplain, deals very little damage

    Cloudwalker: 8/10
    Pros: He is extremely good against enemies with single target ults and skills, like imperial executioner. his ult also deals lots of damage if there are many enemies stacked together
    Cons: If his ultimate only hits one enemy, he deals very low damage, because his other skills also don't deal much damage

    Commander: 9.5/10
    Pros: Fantastic survivability, high damage ultimate which steals back lots of health, and is good in hidden needle teams because of her L skill
    Cons: If her ultimate hits an enemy who is already almost dead, she deals little damage, and therefore gets back little health from her ultimate as well

    Commando: 8.5/10
    Pros: Gives a speed and damage buff to your entire team, makes it so all your heroes activate their skills before the enemy heroes
    Cons: She doesn't deal very much damage herself, she just helps other friendly heroes deal more damage

    Corrupted Angel: 9.5/10
    Pros: Has one of the highest damage aoe ults in the game, gives an attack buff to the whole team, and gets an extra life/revive
    Cons: His damage relies very much on his ult, and also he will steal HP from friendly heroes to cast some of his skills

    Crossed Knight: 8.5/10
    Pros: Best survivability skills in the game, taunts enemies preventing them from casting skills, and if his casting time is right he can become completely immune to damage
    Cons: Deals no damage other than his green skill

    Death Bringer: 9/10
    Pros:Can disable an enemy from casting a skill for a long time, has good all around damage
    Cons: Very low survivability, can dies very quickly sometimes

    Deathgore: 2/10
    Pros:If he can get his ultimate off, he can survive for a long time
    Cons: He deals basically 0 damage and he never survives to ultimate

    Deathknight: 7/10
    Pros: Is in the top 5 for best crusade heroes, and can survive well with red gear equipped
    Cons: Same as death mage, he can often die before he ultimates

    Death Mage: 8.5/10
    Pros: The best crusade hero, and also just has a very high health, survivability, and damage
    Cons: She can often die before her ultimate heals her back up

    Demon Assassin: 7.25/10
    Pros: High damage, very good survivability skills
    Cons: She has a low health, sorceress is almost a perfect counter for her

    Depths Voice: 9/10
    Pros: High dodge, good CC
    Cons: Her L skill could be better, and she doesn't usually deal much damage

    Desert Lycan: 9.25/10
    Pros: Very high damage, physical crit, and health, and the snakes he summons can't be killed
    Cons: His blue skill can hit clones, which is annoying because it has a very high damage number.

    Devastator: 8/10
    Pros: Decent survivability, good damage, good for an aggresive attack team
    Cons: Often times he won't survive to ultimate, which will drop his damage down a ton

    Disease Bringer: 6/10
    Pros: Great crusade and PVE hero, good for DOT outland portal, good in hidden needle teams
    Cons: Extremely Low damage

    Dope King: 4/10
    Pros: Good for the phoenix outland portal
    Cons: Very low damage, not very good skills

    Drunken Master: 5/10
    Pros: Good for phoenix outland portal, good at making enemies miss their physical hits
    Cons: Low health and low damage

    Dungeon Keeper: 6.75/10
    Pros: Good survivability, can survive for a while with the shield he generates for himself
    Cons: Low damage

    Dwarf Warrior: 9.25/10
    Pros: With his new legendary skill, he can survive for a VERY long time, and his L skill has an instant cast, even faster than commanders ultimate skill casting time
    Cons: Doesn't deal much damage as that isn't his role in the battle

    Elder Giant: 5.75/10
    Pros: His ultimate has a choice, so outside of arena you can choose what is best for your team in the current situation, which is useful.
    Cons: Doesn't deal that much damage unless he is in the perfect team

    Ember Blade: 9/10
    Pros: Very high aoe damage, if he ultimates once in a battle he can stay alive for a while as he heals himself up a ton with his purple skill from the lifesteal
    Cons: If he doesn't ultimate he dies within 30 seconds or less

    Emberstar: 6/10
    Pros: Pretty high damage ultimate, her legendary skill adds good damage to her attacks
    Cons: Has some of the longest casting times of any hero, and she has low health

    Enchantress: 5/10
    Pros: Can take an enemy out of the battle and do damage to him
    Cons: Very low damage, her ultimate can be a double edged sword

    Fallen Dominion: 8/10
    Pros: Great damage once he ultimates, and he becomes immune to CC when in his demon form
    Cons: He can be dealt a lot of damage quickly before his ult, which will not give him enough time to steal back the HP with his ultimate, and then he dies quickly

    Ferryman: 3/10
    Pros: Can often get his ultimate off twice per battle, once when casted and once upon death
    Cons: Low damage ultimate, dies super fast

    Forest Guardian: 3/10
    Pros: Good against dwarf warrior boss in guild raids and against phoenix outland portal
    Cons: Very low health and damage

    Frost Mage: 6.5/10
    Pros: Can increase the armor of a friendly hero greatly, her ult can deal a ton of damage against clustered enemies
    Cons: Her ult deals little damage to scattered enemies, and she has some of the lowest health in the game

    Ghost Knight: 9/10
    Pros: He deals lots of damage and summons many clones, and his ultimate is good with a combo with scorpion queen and frost mage
    Cons: Is pretty squishy for a front hero.

    Ghost Musician: 5/10
    Pros: Can be good in magic teams and raids
    Cons: Her blue skill is a double edged sword, it can help enemies survive longer often times

    Griffin: 9.25/10
    Pros: One of the best damage and CC heroes in the game, along with fantastic survivability
    Cons: If he turns the wrong way when he ultimates, or casts his green or blue skill, his damage is greatly reduced

    Hidden Needle: 9/10
    Pros: If she gets her ultimate off, you basically just win the battle outright
    Cons: Sometimes she doesn't ultimate, which will mean you basically lose outright, because if you are using a team built to help her survive, she will most likely be your only damage output

    Ice Mage: 8/10
    Pros: Good for helping heroes regenrate energy, high damage ult
    Cons: If she doesn't ult her damage is VERY low

    Ice Spirit: 4/10
    Pros: Can be good vs. magic team, silences all enemies after 15 seconds and upon death
    Cons: Very low damage, his ult is a good ability but it doesn't protect against very much damage

    Imperial Executioner: 9.5/10
    Pros: Super high ult damage, good aoe green skill, steals tons of energy and CC with L skill, gets ult off quickly, skills pretty much always
    Cons: If his ult hits an enemy who is already almost dead it is useless

    Inferno: 6/10
    Pros: Very high DMG ult
    Cons: Hard to know how good he is, nobody has him at high stars yet, and sorceress counters him well

    Iron Dragon: 2/10
    Pros: His detonation skill deals okay damage
    Cons: Overall terrible survivability, health, and damage

    Iron Hoof: 5.5/10
    Pros: His blue skill blocks commando's arrow and death mages wave of bats, as well as devastators knock back skill
    Cons: little damage, bad skill set

    Light bringer: 8.25/10
    Pros: Great ult, deals lots of damage and disrupts all enemies, he also regens energy for friendly heroes
    Cons: His legendary skill is kinda buggy, so it doesn't deal much damage, and his purple skill could be better

    Lighting elemental: 6.5/10
    Pros: Great L skill, steals pretty much all energy from enemies upon death
    Cons: Barely deals any damage, never survives very long, never lives long enough to ult

    Lightning Master: 4/10
    Pros: high damage ult and blue skill
    Cons: Dies really fast, usually won't be able to cast his ult

    Lunar Guardian: 6.5/10
    Pros: Her normal attack hits all enemies, and she is good in a physical team because her purple skill buffs the attack power of all friendly heroes
    Cons: Relatively low damage, usually only good for buffing a physical team

    Machinist: 8.25/10
    Pros: His ult deals lots of damage very quickly and he has pretty high damage
    Cons: His red gear isnt very good, so his ult isn't dealing as much damage anymore

    Maniplator: 9.5/10
    Pros: Great in magic teams with her magic crit boosting skills, and her ultimate skill can make it so that all enemies will be stunned, often times losing all energy on an attempted ultimate skill
    Cons: When facing ninja assassin, she can sometimes die before ulting

    Master Mage: 7.75/10
    Pros: With her L skill, she can be very good in an aggresive, middle line and back line team
    Cons: She doesn't deal much damage herself, low survivability, and her exile skill is like enchantress's ult skill, its a double edged sword

    Mountain: 3/10
    Pros: His ult skill can disrupt the formation of enemies, leaving middle ones for dead
    Cons: He dies very quickly, extremely low damage

    Mystic: 8/10
    Pros: Great in a magic team with his purple skill which buffs the whole teams magic power, can blind enemies and restore energy to friendly heroes, and he has a very high damage ult
    Cons: His ultimate requires a long time to cast to make him deal the most damage he can with it

    Nature Storm: 4/10
    Pros: Can make enemies turn around, and maybe waste an aoe ult the wrong way
    Cons: Very low damage, low health

    Ninja Assassin: 8.25/10
    Pros: Very high blue skill damage, high physical crit, high dodge rate, and a good ult which can tear a team from the back to the front
    Cons: Imperial Executioner often times will time his ult perfectly so that once ninja is in the back, he will get killed with imperial executioners ult skill

    Nymph of Sea: 6.25/10
    Pros: Can disable an enemy from casting skills, good in the DOT portal
    Cons:Not very high damage, she is a weird mix of a slightly CC hero, slightly damage hero, but not quite enough of either one

    Old Curse: 7.5/10
    Pros: Can make enemies waste their ult and get frozen, good aoe damage
    Cons: Very low single target damage, and low attack damage

    Phoenix: 7/10
    Pros: Has a very high damage ultimate skill and can sometimes come back to life
    Cons: His ultimate skill consumes his own health, so he dies very quickly

    Pilot: 5/10
    Pros: Good for lower level players to use in northern dragon portal, can deal lots of damage on rare occassions
    Cons: Usually deals very little damage.

    Poisoned One: 7.5/10
    Pros: Must have for flying and DOT portals, as well as raids
    Cons: 0 aoe damage whatsoever, but overall a pretty solid hero

    Professional Killer: 1/10
    Pros: Can heal himself
    Cons: Dies within like 5 seconds

    Psychic Sword: 5/10
    Pros: Can reduce the armor of enemies, and get them to turn around
    Cons: Dies very fast, extremely low damage

    Psychopath: 7.5/10
    Pros: Good health and survivability, as well as good skills, with the fact that he has the chance to cast a skill multiple times in one try
    Cons: While he has good skills they don't deal much damage, and he can be a bit based on luck, if he will cast more than once or not

    Puppet Master: 7.5/10
    Pros: Has good survivability skills, and can deal good ranged damage, great at getting quick damage on the back like, and he is good in physical teams.
    Cons: His ultimate doesn't appear to deal too much considering it hits a max of 3 enemies or so, however he is still only 2 or 3 stars for everyone, so it's hard to tell what his damage will really be at 5 stars.

    Queen of Curse: 8.5/10
    Pros: Has a high damage and instant cast ultimate skill which targets the enemy of highest health and heals the friendly of lowest health. She also can stun enemies and reduce their magic res and armor
    Cons: Very low overall damage

    Rifleman: 5/10
    Pros: Increased survivability with legendary skill, great for raids
    Cons: Low damage ultimate, extremely low health

    Rose Fencer: 9.75/10
    Pros: Deals massive damage with ult and stuns enemies for a long time, especially female enemies. He also steals energy from enemies allowing him to cast his ult quickly
    Cons: If he dies before casting his ultimate he is useless

    Savage One: 5/10
    Pros: Good in combo with depths voice and good in raids
    Cons: Low damage and low survivability

    Scorpion Queen: 7.5/10
    Pros: her ultimate can deal massive damage if it hits many enemies, as well as stun them, and her poisonous cloud damage skill deals lots of damage to all enemies
    Cons: Her damage for her poisonous cloud has been lowered, and also her ult doesn't deal much damage if it only hits one person.

    Shadowleaf: 7/10
    Pros: Good for raids, and good in physical teams because of her purple skill which increases the whole teams attack power.
    Cons: Doesn't deal very much damage outside of raids, she only deals damage in raids because of the smaller crit resistance of raid bosses

    Shadow Shaman: 5.5/10
    Pros: Can prevent a friendly hero from death with his blue skill, which is what makes him pretty good with sapper, and he can heal the team greatly with his ultimate skill
    Cons: Very low health, he often dies before ulting

    Shallows Keeper: 3.5/10
    Pros: He can resist a good amount of damage due to his legendary skill
    Cons: He is still pretty squishy even with his L skill, and his ult is literally the exact same thing as imperial executioners green skill, however the ult requires energy to cast unlike a GS

    Silencer: 7.5/10
    Pros: Can prevent enemies from dealing magic damage for a long time, and he gets rid of enemies energy
    Cons: He tends to deal very little damage, and his health is very low

    Sniper: 3/10
    Pros: He kills an enemy 99% of the time when he ults.
    Cons: the enemy is usually at an extremely low health when he ults on them, and none of skills deal much damage, plus his accuracy is terrible, his attacks get dodged 75% of the time or more

    Sorceress: 9.25/10
    Pros: Deals massive magic damage, silences enemies, and steals enemies energy with her ult, she seems slightly like a second manipulator.
    Cons: Unlike many of the other recently released OP magic stone heroes, she deals magic damage with all her damage skills, so when silenced she can't do anything useful.

    Soulhunter: 9/10
    Pros: He is an absolute WALL once he is red, he resists tons of damage, and he has a good heal, which is very useful especially in crusade
    Cons: He doesn't deal very much damage

    Stormlord: 3/10
    Pros: He has an ultimate skill that deals solid aoe damage
    Cons: He has no good skills besides his ult

    Succubus: 7.25/10
    Pros: Has a very high damage ult, and reduce damage from male heroes with her L skill
    Cons: She often dies before she can ult

    Swordmaster: 6.5/10
    Pros: Very good for raids, and very good in physical teams
    Cons: Is very squishy, and usually dies before he can heal himself up with his ult

    Troll Princess: 8.75/10
    Pros: Deals massive physical damage, very high dodge rate
    Cons: Is damaged easily with magic damage, and her low health makes her vulnerable

    Turtle Fighter: 9.75/10
    Pros: Has good CC, survivability, dodge, health, and makes enemies turn around
    Cons: Imperial Executioner is effective at killing him

    Tusked Storm: 6/10
    Pros: Can boost the attack and magic power of the team, as well as attack speed, and his green skill deals lot of physical damage
    Cons: His ultimate is just like commandos green skill, but it uses up his energy, and he deals little damage other than his green skill

    Vanguard Warrior: 5.5/10
    Pros: Good with ember blade, good counter for sapper, and can, on rare occasions, work well with scorpion queen and frost mage depending on the timing of the ultimates
    Cons: Useless outside of the purposes listed above, and he deals very little damage.

    Vengeance Spirit: 8.5/10
    Pros: Attacks all enemies with her normal attack, steals energy from an enemy, and has an instant CC skill
    Cons: Her damage goes way down at 93+/Orange+2

    Wandering Spearman: 4/10
    Pros: His legendary skill makes him a little better at dealing damage, and he is one of the tankiest middle line heroes
    Cons: Enemies dodge 75% of his attacks, and his heal is very weak.

    War Chief: 7.5/10
    Pros: He can revive himself, his green skill deals lots of damage, and his blue skill enhances the life steal of the whole team, so he is good in a physical team
    Cons: After 85+/Orange he is not good anymore, and his ult is very weak

    Warrior Monk: 6/10
    Pros: Excels at stunning many enemies
    Cons: Very squishy, and doesn't deal much damage

    Wind Master: 7.5/10
    Pros: Deals good physical damage, has a high dodge rate
    Cons: Her ult doesn't deal much damage, and she dies quickly from magic damage

    Witch: 8.5/10
    Pros: Is a great counter for turtle fighter and ninja assassin, she can survive lethal damage with her ult skill, and she can blind enemies
    Cons: If she dies before ulting she is useless

    Wizard Doctor: 6.5/10
    Pros: Is okay in a hidden needle team, has good CC, he is necessary for burning phoenix difficulty 6+, and he is okay for crusade
    Cons: His ult doesn't deal much damage, in fact, none of his skills do
    There once was a hero named deathgore,
    People thought that he sucked but they weren't sure,
    So they got him to red 1
    Still he was worse then everyone
    And they got so mad that they swore.

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    An uninformed post.

    And what is with the high rankings on low tier heroes?

    NS is a very high damage output hero. You obviously haven't invested in her. Mine is red and often is at the top of damage. She can dodge damage with her ulti, redirect enemies, and is cc immune while in her ulti animation. If she gets hits a couple of times, her energy is usually full and ready to ulti again right away.
    She's just quite hard to place in a team..

    Witch can be good vs turtle, but turtle roll often wastes her ulti. She's also a beautiful counter to DM.

    TS ulti is much better than cmdo green skill. He can ulti 2-3 times per fight, often timing well with ultimate skills, which makes it a much better buff than the initial damage one of cmdo. Don't just look at the same paper stats.

    Pilot and LM ranked higher than L SK??

    PK much better than you say, although quite limited use. He has very high single target damage, is good on single target raid bosses, and can often ulti 3-4 times in a fight. He holds his own pretty well vs ninja at 5*. I would say he's better rated around 6/10.

    AP ranked higher than AS?? AP is ninja food, easily interrupted when casting ulti. Plants die easily which makes him utterly useless in the back.

    Cmdo should be much lower. She's completely useless and a waste of space after the first 10 seconds.

    Why do you know the pros & cons of heroes that aren't even released yet? Check then first before posting them. They may turn out completely different in actual gameplay.

    By the way, this isn't meant to be an offensive post. You obviously took a lot of time to write that post and you came up with some good points for the heroes. It's just natural that others will disagree

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    I'm not going totally crap on your list, but like posted above you must work with EVERY single hero before come up with any criteria.

    SH is great yes, but he is no way shape or form meant be a wall. His role is usually strict to off tank to heal mid-back line allies, as well as hide behind more sturdy tanks (L DW, CK, Cleric)

    VS is actually REALLY good once you get her to R/R1 especially when paired with pure offense team (HN, AS)

    Mach is really post R1, players are just investing in other options that's fits the meta. Anyway he gets a huge initial energy boost (200) and often can deal more damage than IE, his blue skill hits really hard and his green skill has really good synergy with TF roll

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    what tier of gear that rate come from..??

    but i disagree with lot of it. piripip already explained some.

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    This list seems to ignore Guild Tournament completely and mainly focus on Arena/GA. It is pretty obvious with the low ratings on the healers and I am not going to list every hero. I would base my list heavily on the Guild Tournament as I believe it is the true end game since the championship is whoever gets inspiration to 100+. I wouldn't quite rate Demon Assassin/Dope yet. No one has DA past 3 stars and personally I think she would be beastly at 5 stars.

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    well, i'm personally not agree with most of this rating... i believe every hero have their own special... some are great solo hero (like FD, commander) which very versatile with any setup.. some seems sucks / ordinary, but turns out great when paired with certain hero (like EB with VW). some also seems ordinary but become great when you unlock the L skills (riflemen/DW)... also some heroes are specialize in PvP (Manipulator), some also specialize in PvE (PO, BW).. this game is pretty simple, but much more complicated than it looks... you give witch ranks 8.5 because its good to counter back hero killers like NA just because many people using NA... but you didn't mention that Physic Sword also as good as witch when countering some "unused" back hero like prof killer / riflemen.. just because they not popular, doesn't means their ranks are bad...

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    Gk isnt a front hero

    Ice spirit doesnt silence after 15 seconds its on first 15 seconds and on his death.

    And please, if you didnt test those heroes at max(R1), just skip giving a rate on them. Like pk with 1/10 , pig at 2/10 and brute at 3/10 while you gave shadow leaves a 7/10

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    Nice Job. I am glad somebody took the time to do this. Yes, not everyone is going to agree with these, but it is a good start and opens up a great discussion. I see Griffin is ranked higher than CW and Witch. I am deciding between those 3 to get from Grand Arena. Should I go with Griffin? I am looking at options past level 90 as I am TL 87 now and by the time I get enough stones for one of these, I should be very close to TL 90.

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    this list is wrong for so many heroes

    i mean, it could be your personal preference, but dont post such lists to the public, it will mislead a lot of ppl

    Wind Master: 7.5/10
    Pros: Deals good physical damage, has a high dodge rate
    Cons: Her ult doesn't deal much damage, and she dies quickly from magic damage

    as example, its the complete opposite from what you have written
    she deals no dmg at all, excpet her sick ult, but charges energy too slow to be effective

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    One of the worst "guides" ever. If you wanna help someone, don't give them advices.

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    I agree with the other comments here.
    So many flaws in this list.

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    So you mean ice mage is better than machinist? Like the hell
    PK can survive very long and can dodge ninja. He only do low overall damage if u compare to other physical dmg dealer.

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    Those who disagrees with the ratings reviews, please give your review.

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    Instead of criticizing, why ppl here don't try to help the author of this thread to make a better guide?

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    ""Depths Voice: 9/10
    Pros: High dodge, good CC
    Cons: She has a weak L skill, and she doesn't usually deal much damage""

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