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Thread: Rose Fencer - Ulti While Silenced! WTF?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiripiP View Post
    NA's ulti is more like a buff. He gets an attack speed and damage bonus and jumps to the back hero.

    I think some heroes should get a true-shot ability though (i.e. Perfect accuracy/never miss) - or just mainly sniper should. His legendary is useless. They would've been better to give him a true shot passive, that made him a real sniper. It would be similar to holy attack, but still with the possibility to crit.
    Why a sniper can't even hit a hero after taking aim is mind-boggling...

    Yeah... just ucool's incoherence... If this hero was a Magic Stone one, it'd be the next best thing, having crit, selective aiming, 200 dodge, monster crit, etc... Then after being released to all players, it'd become just as bad as he actually is lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by igordvr View Post
    OK, I don't have a PHD in game mechanics as you might have, but NA can be easily countered by a TON of heroes. He exposes himself with his ulti, instead of remaining in the mid line, between a bunch of other heroes as RF or DL do. Heroes with high dmg in one shot, or CCers can get rid of him. If you can get me how NA can't be stopped, I will use just him in all teams... lol!
    ROLF maybe you don't need a PHD in game mechanic but you need to get some brain.... NA can be easily countered by TON of heroes BECAUSE HIS ULT IS DOGEABLE!!!! Try to think a little bit how many heroes can survive 3 crits of NA? You make his ult undogeable and the only thing that can stop him is IE and maybe emberstar.

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    lots and lots of bugs in this game from time to time nothing new

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    I guess because he charms by his presence, he doesn't have to be awake.

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