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Thread: Server migration

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    Server migration

    Hi..... Im from server (Lirune) 77 nick : IRON_Th3rMaL id:11518638 lvl:100 ........ I have a lvl 1 on server 75 (Bokka) nick: NickName id: 25403436..... I want to go to server 75.... So pls delete all i have on server 75 ( lvl 1 account ) id 25403436

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    Dear Leader
    We've removed the account on server 75. You can move your account to the server now. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Guild RUSSIA (from server 26 ID:34123) recruiting new members. We are the top International guild with the core formed of Russians from all over the world and our friends who are also spread widely and speak different languages. Common communication language is English but it doesn't prohibit you to speak on your mother language if you have met someone who speaks same language.
    We dominate on our server, controlling Arena and Grand Arena. So you will always get your top place and rewards just need to be on time for it.
    We have three WhatsApp groups:
    1. Chat where we can discuss whatever we want to.
    2. Arena where you can see your reward schedule and ask your mates to give you a lift on your way to the rewards.
    3. Tournament - where we discuss tactic and strategy and also help and answer questions about better teams formation.

    We are 2 times winner of the tournament and many time finalists.

    Our requirements are:

    1. Level 102, overall power starting from 900k+,at least have 16 strong teams for tournament, activity in guild raids and also top over all activity 800 per/day.
    2. Respect every member in the guild if some argues have arisen you can ask officers to moderate them with all respect and fairness.

    Officers and guild members are all very friendly and helpful to each other, so problems are not frequent.

    How to find us.
    You can leave your request here or drop us a line on the following addresses:

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