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why is it necessary?

We, old players, want to evolve in the game, not only personally but also as a Guild
A ranking of guilds based on their activity does not always show the true power of the Guild and not retains all of past Guild accomplishments. The Guild level will remain with her forever

how can it be realize?

The Guild level can be raised in different ways
1 - earning the required number of stars for completing daily tasks, designed to play on the team (for example, Guild members must pass the test in the portal 25/50/75 times during the day - earning 1/2/3 stars and so on). To produce 1 level of the Guild need to recruit a total of 10 stars and so on
2 - the system is similar to system improvements heroes - promotion. Cafting of a complex mechanism, produced in all the possible contents of the game (from Guild raids to a trivial finding particles mechanism during excavations of caves)

What it will give the Guild members?

Bonuses depending on the Guild level. Starting for example from additional golds from crusade for every member of the Guild and to open extra slots in the Guild store, or lower prices for items in it (possibly some unique heroes). Guilds of higher level might need more activity for raids - would increase limit of daily activity of every member of the Guild of from 800 to 850 and so on