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Thread: Reset Time Zone

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    Reset Time Zone


    I recently went on business travel and changed the time zone within the in game options successfully to my destination. Now that I have completed my travel I am not able to reset the time zone back to Central Time (GMT-5) for another 3.5 days as per the dialog box that displays when I try and manually change it.
    I am requesting that the moderators please change my time zone to Central Time, GMT-5, manually.

    Please see my account information in my signature.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    I have a trouble with my timezone too. This timezone is wrong when i go to travel. Please change my timezone to +7. Sorry for my english if i say something wrong.
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    Yeah same here. Whenever I travel the time zone doesn't change, it stays the same as my normal UTC -5 time. As you can imagine, this can make things difficult. when I want to collect free stamina, I can't and the time is somewhere near 3 or 4 am when I am not up. Please fix this!
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    Sorry for this inconvenience, Yourself.
    You'll want to go through Options > Support to issue a reqeusting ticket so we may take a futher look=).
    Best Regards,
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