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Thread: crusade rewards

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    crusade rewards

    crusade rewards are so useless and we have 500 of them.
    is it possible to give rewards with attention to level?
    for example a player at level 90 has only 5% chance for getting better items.
    crusade items are good for low level now.

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    They don't want to do that.

    We have asked many times here. No response from ucool.

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    They increased the rewards for grand challenge. UCool could also increase rewards of crusade based on how hard it is. Crusade gets harder if you increase your level and arena ranks, but still give the old crappy things everyone gets. So it would be fair if crusade will be on the same level for all or if higher ranks gets better rewards. Hope uCool think about that point.
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    Too many topics about this and nothing from uCool came back.... only one thing they did....added R and R1 item possibility drop from last chest ...but drops very rarely... other items su*k as allways..sometimes i have 3x2 grey items from last chest... and when i think i just beat 3 full red 99lvl teams like TF+mani+IE+Veng+comm (i am 97) ...that reward is really silly.......hawk

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