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Thread: Sell Account

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    Sell Account

    Hi everyone

    I'm a Heroes Charge player over a year now and now i'm selling my acconut....
    My daily bussy programme makes very dificult to me to play this awsome game and now with bad heart i'm selling my account for someone who wants to continue my work...
    I spend many hours and many money for this game and its hard to me to give up playing

    I'm 100lvl with 66 players
    Server :38
    VIP : 12
    User name :[W]kataramene
    Guild : World Elite (second best team in this server)
    I'm 74 place in power in my server

    My price is 700euro.....
    Maybe you think is too much money but the most of the money is the paid mone i spend to rich vip 12.....

    I have pics of my accont in my profil here and you can check it...

    If someone get interest about the accont send me msg of a email to :
    "Open in suggestions"

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    Ucool usually frowns on this.

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