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Thread: Guild Tournament

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    Guild Tournament

    I can no longer see the team set ups for the gulid tournament rankings. I know only officers can see the set up for the tournament battles but didn't see in the message notes about taking away seeing what line up was used to get lets say 106 wins in a row.

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    They changed it only guild leader and officers can see teams.its says in new update

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    He does not mean that. He means the ranking.
    That is cumulative per player now, not teams anymore.

    You still can check the replays to find out.

    Maybe this is a preparation for additional rewards for that ranking, but I hope it's not.

    Per player makes more sense, but still is only luck depending.
    You can be in a Lane don't fighting at all,you can be first one to fight only really weak teams and get a lot of kills... Makes no sense to get reward for that.

    If they would need to only count teams having not more as 3k power less as your team... Or something like that

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