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Thread: Server 48 - The [BG] Alliance!

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    Posted in my chat not long ago:

    Shavell - Venom Master (sign in hero)
    Collect 10 soul stones to summon the hero Venom Master. Also used as evolution material.
    Back line intellect hero, who can use venom to damage enemies over time.
    Datura - Shavell creates a datura to deal basic damage to nearby enemies, and then damage them over time.
    Poppy - Shavell fires off a poppy, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and slowing them down.
    Trance - Shavell summons a flower of trance to attack enemies.
    Venom - The normal attack of Shavell and her trance flower can mark the target with venom. When the target is marked with enough venom he will be stunned. Shavell's normal attack reduces her target's armor value.

    Allen - Crypt Monster (event hero)
    Collect 30 soul stones to summon the hero Crypt Monster. Also used as evolution material.
    Front line agile hero, who possesses DPS, control and survival abilities.
    Spurs - Allen summons spurs from the earth along a straight path.Enemy units are hurled into the air, then are stunned and take damage when they fall.
    Energy Burn - Allen burns energy of the enemy with highest intellect and deals damage to him.
    Spike Shield - Allen increases his own armor value and returns incoming damage to nearby enemies based on how much damage he receives.
    Avenge - Allen becomes invisible and moves fast to the target he recently has received damage from, dealing retaliation damage to him.

    New packs/items:
    Hero Bag
    Hero Case
    Hero Pack
    Hero Chest
    Super Hero Skin Package - Open to receive Turtle Fighter-Heavy Armor Skin fragments and Manipulator-Beach Party Skin fragments, totally 200.
    Hero Skin Fragment Chest - Open to receive 1 Turtle Fighter-Heavy Armor Skin fragment or 1 Manipulator-Beach Party Skin fragment.
    Hero Soul Stone Chest - Open to receive a Turtle Fighter's soul stone or a Manipulator's soul stone.

    New Players:
    To welcome you into Heroes Charge, we're offering some awesome incentives.
    Check-in Rewards
    1. Just log in every day to get new rewards! Each day it just keeps getting better, and it's available forever! Can you not miss a day to gain the best rewards?
    Gem Discount
    2. During the intro week, if you purchase the one time offer of the Special Package we'll give you a great discount and even more Gems! The discounts keep on coming too after this package, we'll show you our thanks for your support and give you more valuable packages and gem discounts in the future!.
    3. USD 4.99 Bonus
    Limited time offer, help support independent game development with a purchase of USD 4.99 or more(This does not include Season Card or Annual Card purchase) during {0} and we'll heap our thanks on you with a bonus 30 Ice Mage's Soul Stone which can be turned in to instantly recruit the special hero "Ice Mage". Plus we'll send you 1 Metal Element and 5 EXP Salves in your in game mail!
    4. First Time Purchase
    Leaders will get double gems in the first time purchase (this does not include bonus gems). Specially, as for the Monthly Card purchase, you will get 600 gems and 120 gems daily for 30 days.

    New Player Bag
    New Player Case
    New Player Pack
    New Player Chest
    Super New Player Package
    A special deal for our new players to grow faster! The deal is a one time offer and inlcudes 5 packages!
    The intro week sale for new players is here! The deal includes 5 packages everyday that you can't pass up!
    Here is your {0} you have just purchased. Please tap on the button below to claim it.

    Login Rewards
    During the event time, players of team level 10 or above can claim rewards when they login for a certain amount of days.
    Level Rewards in New Server
    During the event time, players can claim awesome rewards when their team level reaches the requirement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryChinaski View Post
    Google Picture Translator app on phone says:
    1: Account Binding
    2: Invite Friends
    3: Buddy List
    Thx Henry and Archon.
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    what will be the new next event?

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    Won the 5th gt season in a row, still looking for players
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    Any one know witch hero gain most power at r2 and full traind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naz_85 View Post
    Any one know witch hero gain most power at r2 and full traind?
    I understand you asked 20 days ago but in case you are still searching for an answer check this out:

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    Still looking for players - msg me if you're looking for a new home

    The Boss War starts on Tuesday at GMT 0:00 and ends on Sunday at GMT 23:59. The rewards are sent on Monday at GMT 6:00 AM.
    During the Boss War, players can challenge the Boss once per day for free by the heroes they own.
    The highest damage will be recorded in the Boss War ranking.
    The Boss will become stronger for each certain amount of HP lost.
    Players cannot hire mercenaries to challenge the Boss.

    Chapter XX - Expansion
    Mysterious Puppets: With the extinction of Nedan and Undead, the humans start to expand their land, only to meet a crowd of mysterious puppets.
    Fire Attack: To expel the puppets from your land, you seek help from the Inferno.
    Combative Tournament: Back to the home base, you are invited to a combative tournament. The final opponent is good at swordsmanship.
    Abolition of Slavery: You want to abolish the slavery in the human race but encounter disagreement from the Unsullied Champion.
    Arrogance of Mage: The magicians in human race are arrogant. You decide to teach them a lesson and build your prestige.
    Temptation of the Sea: To become the leader of the human race, you have to resist the temptation from the Nymph of Sea.
    The Last Conquest: Defeat the Queen of Curse, and you will be King of your homeland.

    Chapter XXI - A New Journey
    The Curious Case in Forest: Visiting the northern forest, your army meet a fairy in the way.
    Cemetery: Passing through the forest, you come to a cemetery full of skeletons.
    Beast of Gods: The manipulator backstage is a beast fed by the Gods.
    Contract of Blood: You come to the Evil Blood to remove the contract signed with him before.
    Inglorious Betrayal: Only when you return to your empire do you find that your general Terran has betrayed you.
    Escape: You have to escape from your empire and seek help from external forces.
    Strike Back: Having gathered enough troops, you declare a final war against the traitor Terran.
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