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Thread: Manipulator US bugged?

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    For me at least its pretty common that hero gets stunned from Mani's ulti cause he was about to use skill (not ulti), and then about 1-2 sec later, while he is still stunned his mana disappear. So I get the impression that Mani's ulti working twice on the same hero. Maybe its the delay that Betty talked about, but still hard to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraft View Post
    Pumpkin, I know what passive skills are. If you took the time to actually read the few lines I wrote you'd know I'm talking about the phrasing used.

    @Betty, I'm playing on iOS, and yes, I have the latest game version and I also updated through the Apple Store.

    We still don't know how Manipulator's US works or should work, considering the disagreeing comments in this thread. General idea, mainly, is how can enemies use their ultimate skills after the stun time is over, and after barely receiving damage (or not at all in some cases, not even using other skills first). Also, this was a thread to see if Manipulator is functioning as she should. We all have doubts about stuff in this game. Like the Death Bringer topic on his US used on Ember Blade after ember already used his ultimate, and dying before using his remnants. So don't come bringing the house down for everybody, trying to impose your own assumptions. Maybe they're right, but it still doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. Unless, of course, you can reference to a thread with an official reply.
    Either way, let's wait and see. Hopefully, Manipulator isn't bugged and her US is working as intended.
    And again read both Henry's replies and try understanding again. He explained it perfectly. Really no need mentioning normal working heroes here so that they can mess something up on them too like they do on others. I can't see what can possibly make any confusion to you still regarding her ultimate? You're asking how can a hero use ultimate AFTER trance is over? Because his energy bar wasn't full during the trance, because hero used another skill during the trance and therefor got stunned. In HN's case for example, she does her normal attack or try to cast a net and she gets stunned. She almost never has full energy bar by the time Mani casts her ulti which makes HN perfect counter to those teams. Or you're asking how can hero get stunned twice? There is an explanation on that too, in very first second of trance hero does some of his skills and gets stunned, hero has some of the gears that give under control time reduced and tries to use another skill and gets stunned again because stun isn't over yet. Only thing that isn't working properly on Mani is that butterflies disappear but trance still lasts and you think it's over when in fact it still isn't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady-E View Post
    Only thing that isn't working properly on Mani is that butterflies disappear but trance still lasts and you think it's over when in fact it still isn't
    Please, fix this. Happened so many times.

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    it was fixed briefly but came back after lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indulis View Post
    Please, fix this. Happened so many times.
    Dear Leader
    Could you tell us your account id as well as your oppoenent's team name to check please? Our developer said that it should have been fixed. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    This is especially frustrating in GC, when opponoent Mani uses her ulti, then her bats dissapears so you use ulti but get stunned and have to restart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraft View Post

    Quite frequently (if not all the time), when a Manipulator uses her ultimate skill (mine or the enemy's), she ends up stunning like a second later most if not all the other enemies, whether they used an Ultimate Skill or not. Example, in a battle where my Manipulator used her US, like a second or less later, a hero like Desert Lycan got stunned, and after the stun was over, after he got hit by 1-2 normal attacks, he used his US. This has happened in many other cases, with different heroes and on different sides.

    Basically, her stun is working against enemies even when they don't use their own active skills, thus allowing them a timeout while they get attacked, making them get to full energy while being stunned, and right after the stun time is over, they use their ultimate skills.

    Can this be tested thoroughly? I can't post pictures because they fail to prove the bug, only a video would be able to show that, and I can't make them.


    Additional info:

    Server: 169, The Traveller
    Account ID: 23844911
    Wow, please read skill description before coming here and askinng this. She stuns heroes whenever they use an active skill. For your example, desert lycan, that means whenever he would summon a snake or use his skill that deals damage o the enemy of lowest health, he will get stunned, not just ultimate. To clarify, an active skill is one that needs to be cast(the red circle appearing under the hero or ult skill), but a passive skill is one that doesn't need to be cast, like desert lycans purple skill that increases his total HP. That skill is true from the beginning to the end of the battle, it never take him time to increase his health.
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