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Thread: Poor Pilot

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    Poor Pilot

    Betty and Ember

    I am a huge fan of pilot. Currently he is terrible, really usable only on outland portal. Even their he will be a relic before long. Here are the issues I see with pilot.

    His ultimate skill is minor damage and completely avoidable. Other heroes with physical damage aoe are no miss attacks. Yet pilots can be dodged with a directed hit, and easily walked out of. This is not what you expect from a bombing run.

    His dodge stat is terrible. Given he is an agility hero in a flying machine you would assume he would make up for his low HP resist and armor with a high Dodge rate
    Something a strafing airplane might do well.

    His stun ability is pathetic, it is more of an interrupt and more often than not does nothing to impact a fight. Please extend the time of the stun.

    Potential legendary item: give him an item with Dodge like rifleman, also add attack power, and accuracy for his regular attacks. Then give him HP.

    Legendary skill: Give him an enhanced attack speed or cool down his skills so they trigger much more quickly. An alternative option would be to increase his energy generation so that he can do his ultimate more often.

    Just my thoughts.

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    He is terrible from the very beginning, I don't see any difference from 2014 till now.
    When you found an exploit, shut your mouth and exploit it as much as you could. Only tell ucool to fix it when you're too stupid to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bin View Post
    He is terrible from the very beginning, I don't see any difference from 2014 till now.
    Yes he is. And he really needs a buff

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