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Thread: GA : efficient teams

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    GA : efficient teams

    What are the best ga teams (suppose all heroes available and 5*, except chemist 3*)?
    I know the list should be long. But I struggle creating new and efficient teams so I need an idea of what works. In GA the meta dosen't count that much.
    My creativity is low at the moment :-(
    Thanks in advance

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    No best team in GA... Only coherence.
    I like hn witch sh cleric ck, good hn protection with witch in the back and ck in the front, two healers because you can time over in GA.
    (sitting in top 10 atm and ranked 1 in daily)

    Classic team with tf cmdr ie mani.

    Lycan Griffin fd are really good too, I always have a team without any Intel char since as is popular in GA, so rose fencer can be a good char too.

    Next step maybe a vw team but really the meta is too tanky.

    Try to think about what is the purpose of your team and build around it. Again there is no time over so focusing on surviving and killing only 1 hero is a good strategy.

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