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    Login Faild


    my english is bad sry... but...

    i had a very big problem...

    i had start since a week to play and today i had start a new game account on server 178 name was ironsoul game-id i cant show it then i cant connection to the game now

    i had clear caches data from phone i had more then 20 times re-install the game hd and non hd version both not connection to the game i see only loading screen empty

    my google account is

    i had start today a new game account play it to team lvl 17 and then i want to connect to my google account
    but then came a message want to overwrite this account with a level 0 account? i had think yes why not then i can start on lvl 178 from lvl 0 i click agree/yes loading screen is coming and then nothing

    and now i wait re-install so many times clear all data on phone test it on pc with a android emulator and the same problem with my google account after connections to my google account i see only loading screen ....

    i m only see that

    edit wait since 12 hours lol nice support.....

    o nice nobody here for support i must wait also some days? and for what i pay in this game? for waiting and for cant playing? Oo

    or can me pls someone say where i can write a support ticket when i not can connection to the game?!?

    i had the same problem with the hd version since sunday a week mhm 8 days now and suport ingame had say one thing pls play the non hd version wow what an answer and since 8 days hd not working i see onloy loading screen since today non hd i see only loading screen

    when you cant solved this problem pls say me that thx i want play then make that i can play or say me that you are dont know what the problem is and then i go and play never this game and my money is lost but dont say over 1 week in support the same thing : pls game the other version wtf?

    and i had this problem since i made 8 days ago sunday morning last week a support ticket with the text pls delete my account i want start new game he has wrote ok i had delete your account pls restart the game to begin at level 1 and then i restart the game and see what? yes really only loading screen not more...

    since 8 days wtf

    i wait since 8 day to play this game but nothing works why? are the game support of ucool all idiots? or they not know what they do?
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    Dear Leader
    Our engineer just helped re-direct your connection to our cloud servers. Please try again and see if it works again. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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