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Thread: new features

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    new features

    hey devs,
    if you wondering about new features and dont know what to add next, make a visit to Magic rush heroes, to get inspired in which direction you could somehow expand the playground

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    Разработчики, подумайте о системе достижений, добавте разнообразие в выполнении каждый день одних и тех же заданий. Пусть появиться какая нибудь цель. К примеру сделать легенду этому герою, 5 легендарных героев, 30 заданий выпоонить. 5 рейдов пройти....что то в этом духе.

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    I've got an idea, how about they make a item trade Center were people can put items they don't want up for items they need and if someone sees it and likes the deal and has the items the person was they trade, me, my guild and a heap of people on server 135 all think it's a good idea, it would also help low level players

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