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Thread: CRUSADE CHALLENGE! - Let's make Crusade fun again! - HARD/EASY QUESTS with stories

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    streaming Heroes Charge again today around 1pm Eastern time

    will probably try the last challenge, seems pretty much impossible on paper...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolikaaas View Post
    Betty any answer on this please ))
    she will take time to answer that lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie View Post
    streaming Heroes Charge again today around 1pm Eastern time

    will probably try the last challenge, seems pretty much impossible on paper...
    I've already done it. Works if you have the right setup. Try some CC along with QoC. And don't be afraid to push without a tank.

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    ---Quest Idea---

    PART I
    Two years have passed since Rashek(SH) Of Kolstaz Spire has conquered the land of Quinnard. Before the destructive war, Quinnard was peacefull land inhabited by powerfull magic creatures who worshiped their queen Rana (Queen of curse). Old legend has fortold that one day Rana will marry powerfull mage known as "the ruller of dead" and they both will posses power beyond imaginable. At that time Rashek was a simple mage apprentice at king's Clark (Stormlord) court. On the Fifth day Of winter Rashek was send to collect ice lizzard tongues for his mentors potions. He hated collecting ingredients for Raphael (chemist), especially in winter, when ice lizzards were hard to find under snowy cover. "Just 2 more and i can return" he said to himself as cold wind blew through the foothills of Dragon Mountain. The sun was setting down darkening everything around Rashek. He knew he couldnt return without ingredients as kings chemist would release him from apprentice position for not completing his task. Tired and hungry after many hours of searching, Rashek walked hopelessly struggling with wind and snow, suddenly he felt something with his feet beneath the snow. Hoping for the ice lizzards den, he started to dig, full of hope to complete his quest and return home. His heart beat faster as he was crushing the dens icy cover, he finally made it thru. Rashek whispered quietly the spell of illumination: "I argi bat behar eta i behar da orain". The den was lit up by thousand rays of light showing a group of sleeping ice lizzards. Rashek was pround of himself, as he just learned that spell last week, but he wasnt smiling, somehow he couldn't. Instead, he fellt pain piercing throu his lung and his heart, the pain of cold, dark steel. He fell down on the icy ground. He knew he was dying, without even knowing what killed him. The shadow whispered to his ear "rise and kill your masters"

    Execute the command
    -Beat crusade using SH with any combination of non healer-heroes (no chaplain/Enchantress/DeB) DK/SS are allowed.
    -If you dont have or SH dies use WC. (all stages 1-15)

    -SH must participate in all fights.
    -DK must participate in all fights
    -DM can participate only in stages (3-7-9-12-15)
    -No Intelect heroes allowed (except DM and SS)
    -No healers allowed (except SS and DK)


    He knew what he had to do, shadows voice still sounded in his head. Blood was still leaking from his wound, but he felt no pain, suddenly he didnt feel the cold or wind on his face. He felt power. Dark power exploding in his body, as he headed back to the kings court. They where no match for his new powers. Rashek feasted on souls of his victims only increasing his power. But it wasnt enough he wanted more and more. This dark empty feeling of desire could only be satisfied by more power. He knew only reaching ultimate legendary power can fill the emptyness inside him. Only marrying Rana he might achieve such level. He knew she woulnd fell in love with him. He was undead, with decomposing body, and no other feeling but desire of power. He had to conquer Quinnard and make Rana undead.

    Quinnard had no army, they never had to fight. Rashek undead legions were making their way to queens palace slaughtering every creature on their way. Rana knew she has to run, with help of her trusted knight Artur, she gathered all her beloved magic creatures and rushed in attempt to excape inevitable death.

    The Great escape
    -Queen of curse must participate in all 15 stages (and must survive).
    -At stages 3-6-9-12-15 Only CK can be used as Tank.
    -no undead heros allowed (no DM-DK-PK-WC-GM-SH)

    -CK and QoC must participate and survive all stages
    -no undead heroes allowed (no DM-DK-PK-WC-GM-SH)
    -every team must consist of QoC+CK and backline heroes


    P.S.: My english sucks, correct my mistakes :/
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