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Thread: Loading screen/Splash screen

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    Loading screen/Splash screen

    Hm. You guys keep changing the loading screen. I kinda liked the one with the green bar that kind of mimicked the other two ages about loading taking longer. It didn't lag as much. I also don't like the fade-in style implemented, it seems to cause a graphics lag on my end. The game already has enough issues with that as it is. lol
    I also kind of feel like we should have the option to log in there instead of it always taking us straight into the game, like in age I/II. But maybe that's just me.

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    Totally second what you're saying here.

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    Thanks for your feedback. We will discuss this with Dev Team.

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    Maintenance again? I was in the game and had to refresh - now it goes to a UCOOL page - counts up to 100pct then stays there looking like it is going farther. Would love it if you could throw in some kind of splash screen at start when you are doing maintence and approx how long until you can probably play again

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