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Thread: Preview of the New Feature--Guild Tournament

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    Lol, that 1/2 hour would be from 4:30 to 5:00 am for me...

    They are not going to do it. We've asked for it many times. The addition of the timeframe might be an additional argument but 1/2 hour is ridiculous, it should be at least 12 hours, since not everyone lives in the same region of the planet, you know.

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    Please make GT heroes like WoG , all heroes maximum lvl and skills.....etc
    Because some guild killing the GT
    And we want to see who play better (:

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    How can you see who plays better if you make the level and skill maximum in GT?

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    You can't really. It just increases the rng factor. Choose right split/lanes and win.
    Only way would be to just make 1 lane, each player can only use limited amount of heroes and then better combo wins (and again rng involved in every battle)
    And the lane having more VIP11+ and more training has advantage.
    Youmoon just desperately tries to find a way that his guild has a chance once to win

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