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Thread: Need help with what heroes to go for

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    Lightbulb Need help with what heroes to go for

    I recently came back to Heroes Charge and having fun with it but as i have not followed it for some time i wonder what heroes i should spend my money and time on. My team lvl is soon 79.
    the heroes i have are:
    Chaplain 3* 59stones
    Death mage 5*
    Ember blade 5*
    Dwarf Warrior 4* 0stones
    Arcane sapper 4* 12stones
    Vengeance spirit 3* 68stones
    Mystic 4* 101stones
    Cloud Walker 5*
    Commando 5*
    Ninja Assassin 4* 1stone
    Frost mage 5*
    Fallen dominion 4* 12stones
    War Chief 3* 50stones
    Savage One 3* 57stones
    Death knight 3* 76stones
    Shadowleaf 3* 55stones
    Old Curse 3* 2stones
    Rifleman 3* 13stones
    Posoned One 4* 13stones
    Lunar Guardian 3* 9stones
    Drunken Master 3* 20stones
    Admiral 3* 13stones
    Disease Bringer 3* 35stones
    Silencer 3* 1stone
    Shadow Shaman 3* 15stones
    Psychopath 2* 11stones
    Emberstar 2* 18stones
    Phoenix 3* 60stones
    Cleric 3* 40stones
    Machinist 2* 35stones
    Desert lycan 3*
    Tusked storm 3*
    Imperial executioner 3*
    Windmaster 3* 38 stones
    Wandering spearman 3* 37stones
    Depths Voice 2* 10stones
    Iron Hoof 3* 4stones

    Have about 7000 crusade points, 15000 soul shop points and almost nothing in the rest.

    I need help with a good arena team or two. And what heroes to have on the side for crusade lvl 80-90+

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    Without getting too technical, here are the heroes I woud recommend to build up in your list (I know it's a lot):

    Chaplain, and DM are my go to heroes for Crusade. I use them in every battle.
    AS can be very great with a good team
    VS is very versatile with physical (check out top Arena teams)
    Mystic buffs a magic team very well
    CW was one of my favorite heroes when I was around your level
    Commando probably has the best buffs, but I would say her use is declining
    NA is crucial for raids and Arena
    FM is a very good magic dealer
    FD has great DPs, but you don't see a lot of people in the high ranks of Arena end-game using him anymore
    War Chief is one of the most often used tanks in the game, especially around your level
    Death Knight is great for Crusade as well, but if you don't have him 5* or something, it's probably better to just get him from Merc Camps
    Shadowleaf has a great physical attack boost
    OC is heavily used too, but I still haven't gotten into him a whole lot personally
    Lunar Guardian is one of my favorite heroes. Her main attack allows her to inflict a lot of damage - a little bit to everyone
    PO and Disease Bringer will be crucial for Portal
    Silencer is an all around great hero to have
    Machinist is another great magic dealer

    As far as building teams go, I would first ask yourself what kind of team you want - magic, physical, hybrid? Agility, strength, combination? Some people build a team all on one extreme (i.e. Death Mage, Frost Mage, Machinist, Mystic, War Chief - magic team), or a combination (Commando, Vengeance Spirit, Machinist, Cloud Walker, Drunken Master). These teams here, use mainly the "older" heroes (i.e. not Lycan, etc.). Feel free to experiment in Booty Cave on some other teams as well

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    I agree with everything that yourself said expect a few things.

    Lunar guardian and war chief are subpar heroes now. CK/dwarf are better and more accesible tanks than WC in early game.
    Lunar is just meh.

    And start farming IE stones.

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    One of the best things you can do to keep up with the top arena heroes is to check your server's standings. Look at the top teams and see what heroes are commonly being used.

    EDIT: For your current level, war chief and lunar guardian are good. I would recommend like Urtock not to focus on them though. You're close enough that you'd be better off focusing on the better end-game heroes.

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    I'd try to get Chaplain to 5*, she'll be one of your "must use" heroes every time you play Crusade, some Portals...

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    I think it all depends what you are aiming for? Trials, outland portals or Arena? You have to make priorities but i would say hard crusade should be your number 1 priority.

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    Most commonly used heroes, from what u mentioned, in game (arena, campaign, trails etc) are:

    Additionally get Manipulator and Queen od Curse u will need them. Also for a tank i suggest u leave WC, he will work for 10-15 more lvl then falls back a lot so dont waste your resources, get turtle or Cmdr.
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    Get manip and comander, they are very useful in late trial/ rift/campaign , also shines in arena and GA

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