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Thread: Shops NEED an item upgrade NOW

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    Shops NEED an item upgrade NOW

    After upgrade Red +1/+2 came out

    The shops need an upgrade with items

    Soulstone shop
    3 items
    3 SS from SM

    Realy ? Most of us have more points that we can spend= change it ! ( more items , new hero will be fine )

    Crusade , all items what there drop is bad for the most of us , we got heroes with +1/+2 Orange , we don't need craps gear for green +1

    Change it that the drop will be better when your team level increase ( just on hard mode will be ok cool)

    The other shops need an update with more +1/+2 Orange gear

    Maybe Grand arena with +1/+2 red gear

    Think and talk about it

    But for me is it a fact !
    The shops need a new itembuild !! Now and not in 3 months , when the most people got +1/+2 red heroes , then we will save the points again , because you change it to late !

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    Red+2? What? -o

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    Agree with this.
    I'm stacking gold and soul stones since there is nothing to spend them on.

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