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Thread: Regarding translation issue in Danish!

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    Regarding translation issue in Danish!

    Dear Leaders,

    We have released a new version that provides for Danish language support however there are a number of translation mistakes that have been caught. We feel terrible about this and we’re glad to see there’s so many enthusiastic players who are willing to improve the huge task of translating and we really appreciate your help. It reminds us that we’re all walking together as we enjoy Heroes Charge and make a game we all truly love.

    Please express your ideas and improve our translations in this thread. For those leaders who desire to help in translating, we’ll think of an interesting reward to show our sincere thanks. thank you for your assistance and feedback!

    Best Regards,


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    Ooze should be sive.
    Inferno should be helvede.
    Used Google Translate.

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    If I am having trouble translating I have used google translator but stopped recently because it doesn’t always show the exact translation. The last time I played with the Portuguese and had some difficulty translating, I found an accurate translator on the internet it is very easy to use, you just need to enter text and click translate from english to portuguese. The problem was solved.

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