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Thread: Too boring...

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    Angry Too boring...

    I played HC over 1 years and I'm TL 97 now. Arena & GA rank is 10~40. And VIP 11.
    HC is fun sometime... But mostly boring.

    Everyday launch game, I doing every daily quest.

    1. Attack any one in first column of Arena enemies and win or not. (Win rate 70%)
    2. Doing trials and outland portal automatically (Cooltime s**ks)
    3. Doing 3*Elite and N*normal campaign with Raid Ticket and get orange gear piece I needed.
    4. Doing Guild raid automatically
    5. Try Crusade. This is fun sometime but feels little difficult.
    6. Doing etc. Grand challenge, plunder(just 1 time).

    As a result, I spend over 1 hours, and notting changed on my account.
    Need more content for Orange & Red gear first! (New difficulties of Trials, Outland portals, Grand challenge, etc)


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    I feel the same! Sometimes i feel like im doing my homework and it makes my stomach sink! I don't know what keeps me playing!? Probably the hope of really great new content!

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