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Thread: Grand Challenge lvl up failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Dear Leader
    You can challenge Difficulty 3 now. Please take a screenshot next time when you've clear one difficulty, so that we can trace where went wrong if it happens again. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    Thanks! I actually thought the same thing, will do that for sure next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTL View Post
    Diff 4 has a req on lvl 90, not sure what req diff 3 / 2 has, perhaps it's something like this.

    Diff 1 = lvl 60
    Diff 2 = lvl 70
    Diff 3 = lvl 80
    Diff 4 = lvl 90
    Diff 5 = lvl ??
    Diff 6 = lvl ??
    Quote Originally Posted by Amea View Post
    Well I'm level 93, soon to be 94, so that's not it. Thanks.
    Obviously a bug then. Moderator please? I don't wanna wait a week to play a level I obviously earned already!
    No my calc is correct.
    Just hit TL 90 and diff 4 was unlocked for me

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