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Thread: A few ones and interesting suggestions

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    A few ones and interesting suggestions

    Hi everyboy, the first thing forgive my english i'm not native, and I would try my best.

    This a post or suggestion for normal and grown up players, no for haters, cryingbabies, or complaining people.

    The first one and the most important and I will use capital words to say it: DON'T INCREASE THE CAP LEVEL.

    Dear Ucool, I understand that you are a business and not a charity and you seek to obtain profits / benefits. But perhaps in the attempt to get the last dollar of your players / customers you can be killing the game quickly. Often gives the impression that going improvising and not have very clear where the game and the only thing you want is to get the money to users. This will surely be because until recently, have taken command of the game, as previously engaged to copy the game (let's be honest), but now I do not know if You have at all clear Where the game is going. I would advise you to think carefully. And then decide how they want to go get there.

    This suggestion is not related with the game itself, but is related with Ucool, I don't know if you have a Community Manager, if you have it fire him for not doing his job or at least it's seems. If you don't have it hire someone who only works with the community in the social networks and the forum reading the posts and answering the questions. Because you have an awful communication policy, than you must improve.

    One of the suggestions I've read and heard over the forum is the added difficulty levels for the trial Hero, time rift, as the portal outland and even the crusade. Now I'll put a couple of ideas.

    Time rift: Add difficulty levels (7,8,9), you could even add a cleft put more gems to give to level 9 would total 150 gems and Might week so to get 450 gems that may seem a lot but do not they are.

    Hero trial
    : Add difficulty levels (7,8,9). Also you could add 3 new Hero's Trial such as a men only. Or for example one of only beasts, or undead, could well give more use to the plates carrying the heroes are not just decorative. But for that we must finish putting the sheets to the heroes who have not. And think well what kind of Hero Trial would add, For heroes settings could be varied and used since early game. Because for example if it were a Hero Trial of Machineary type we can use only 4-5 heroes. Also would have to think well, the objects that give as reward.

    Outland Portal: Add difficulty levels (7,8,9). The North drargón perhaps review the acutal difficulty and balance it, but this is more personal than "objective". What I would ideally add more flying heroes. Currently there are 5 Outland Portals would be good to add 2 more for example The Crystal Titan, and some more and so do one a week, you could add some purple fragments gear to release the Grand Arena shop a little bit.

    Crusade: Here the suggestion there for some time, which is a little better rewards given chests and make them commensurate with the level of the crusade. They could also increase the level of difficulty of the cross and they were: Easy, Normal and Hard. The easy way would be what is now normal, normal would be what is now hard. And the hard could be 2 options, the first would be that you could only wear up to the heroes battle for Example 2 (this idea I heard of one Heroes Charge's youtuber HcSpain) or 5 (that are 15 screens crusade). The other option for Crusade Hard, or the new level of difficulty may be that instead of winning health and energy after each battle and is now in normal difficulty, you lose 10% of health and energy, or the same percentage gain in normal mode (yes in normal mode you earn 15% of energy and health in the new mode will lose 15%)

    All these add suggestions of difficulty levels is given, because it is necessary and because it is not normal, that Hero Trial, Time Rift Portal Outland and do in the autofight. And normal campaign in Chapter 15 to 16 with the same heroes is very difficult to pass the screens, and I'm not talking about making a 3 stars. So you have to balance the game or you add levels to Hero Trial, Time Rift and Outland Portal, or you go down the difficulty of the campaign both normal and elite. And I would say the same with the Raid of Chapter 15 and 16, but now you are going to add new gear promotion you may need less sense to criticize or speak about it, but if I talk about it now.

    About Raids 15-16 right now and 17-18 in the future
    . While you add new Gear Promotions (o3 and o4), if not balance the raids, the nueas 17 and 18 will be like 15 and 16 but with o3 and o4 objects. So I hope you've thought through what the Radis. Another suggestion on the subject of guilds and raids, Maybe You Should Increase the cap of the guild points Until 300,000, it would be very useful. Now I have a curious question and would like it to be answered. If a guild with its 50 full members o2 equipment and using appropriate in each of the screens 15 and 16 heroes raid could finish it in a week? And the same question for the raid 17 and 18 with full equipment o4? Because it is so maybe you should increase the time to finish the raid and to collect the reward for finishing it. At least for those 4 raids do not you think?

    About gear o3 and o4. Should re-design some things because for example all equipment o1 and o2 can be used from level 90, I know this is because the game was thought at first to end there. So as I said at the beginning of this post, think well where you want to take this game, so that later they can design how you want to get there, and not only think and how to get money from users. And as I also said before, DO NOT INCREASE THE LEVEL CAP. It would be the worst idea that you could have. So maybe it would be good to use gear o1, a hero should be level 92 to use gear and o2 be level 94-95. Gear o3 level 96-97. Gear o4 98-99. It's an idea

    Grand Challenge: One thing I have forgotten which was to create a daily reward for a battle, like in the crusade. You could also add a store of great challenge and make coins for each battle (increasing the number of coins according climb of difficulty). In the store could have heroes and orange and purple gear. Also missing is the difficulty 6. On Grad Challenge coins could begin giving 100 per battle difficulty completed in January 3500 that would make the end of the week and up 100 coins for battle as you level and the difficulty would be 2 200 coins the battle won to 600 won in battle difficulty 6 by a maximum of 21,000 coins to the week may seem a lot but think that in doing hard crusade 17,000 coins, but a new difficulty to the crusade is added (giving triple coins that would be the easiest difficulty 26,250 coins). So you would have more space to put new or old heroes, and put orange and purple gear.

    Soul Shop: In this regard, three simple things first is to respond if summoner will be available or not, once and for all. Because if the answer were yes, it would be nice to put him in the shop as soon as possible. If the answer is no, you could create a hero worthy of that store would have to be better than the Swordmaster. And the other would be to expand the store!

    More PvP Freatures: For example the Guild Wars They are finally coming or not? Another question to answer (Community Manager job). And You should think more PvP features, in this topic I don`t Have many ideas, but I'm sure if you ask to the community They will answer, Because It's what pvp Gives Life to the game mainly in the late game.

    Arena and Grand Arena: I think you can Improve Both of them with a little change but will give so much fun I think, mainly in old servers. Right now you can click / tap into the ranking and see the first 50 position With Their respective team / teams. So my idea is that the tab real time sand and sand grand you can view the first 50 positions, and to click and see the respective teams to be able to challenge and fight, so for example if I'm in the position 500, I could get position 50 directly, that would be super fun and gives more excitement and competitivity in the old servers where the differences are smaller every day.

    Goblin/troll trader and BlackMarket: You should review the objetcs in those shop, updating to the new gears.

    Well the last suggestion is related to the excess of low-level objects you have in the late game, and could be useful in crafting objects O3 and O4. You could create a new feature called "The smith of destiny" in which using low-level objects such as: The Recovery Towel + Wirst of Boaz you can built a fragment of some gear O3 / O4. Using a pyramid scheme to get the O3 / O4 gear, and is thought (I may have a pretty good idea, but neither have to give them all done, isn't ?. At least not for free). And using a similar Soulstones system. So you can use it more times paying gems (the the times you can use it, Should be determinate for your VIP Level) But like I Said before is an idea I could Develop more if you are interested.

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    Good work NiCaZ! I agree!

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    the smith of destiny would be a good idea

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