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Thread: COMPETITIVE Heroes Charge? (Video)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ybing126 View Post
    The chinese version of the game actually have something like that. You can choose to either do 1 math only or Best of 3 series.
    For the Best of 3 series, heroes can only be used for 1 battle.

    There's no banning, but the pick phase is basically:

    Team 1: pick 1 hero
    Team 2: pick 2 heroes
    Team 1: pick 2 heroes
    Team 2: pick 2 heroes
    Team 1: pick 2 heroes
    Team 2: pick 1 hero

    Also for the 1 match only mode and the last match of the best of 3 series, there is not turn in picking heroes, you just have a time limit to pick 5 heroes and you can't see what your opponent choose until the match is started.

    The battle are actually live and you can manually cast your ultimate.

    Every week, i think you get 6 free heroes that are fully geared and starred, the rest of the heroes are based on your own star rating but are all fully geared.
    So for example, if you have a DV that's 3 star but it is a free hero for the week, when you use her, she would be 5 star instead. However, if she was not a free hero, then she would be 3 star when you use her.
    I like the idea of free heroes for the week and the rest of the heroes are whatever level/gear you have them at. It's actually something I was thinking HC could do.

    The other idea I had would simply allow access to all the heroes at max gear, level, and stars. It would obviously be exclusive to this specific game mode. But this would completely even the playing field. Idea was actually inspired by how Treyarch (Black Ops 2 & 3) does their ranked play system.

    The nice thing about this is that it would allow players from all stages of the game to play (matters more now with the Server Migration feature coming). Also, I'm sure it would be nice for a lower player to feel how it is to use some of the heroes for themselves in an end game environment. And uCool can still stick to the same format of 5 free battles a day with gems being used to replenish chances depending on VIP rank.

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    Some of these ideas seem interesting. Almost like industry standard stuff, at this point.

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    Does anyone put this into feedback or suggestions forum??

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    This idea is amazing and has already been purposed for ucool, but i don't even know if they read it
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