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Thread: Lost my 3 star grunts

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    Angry Lost my 3 star grunts

    Finished researching my 3 star grunts and as soon as they finished it a pop up came up saying error I need to refresh so I did, to find I only have 2 star grunts, give my my 3 star grunts. The reason I think it made me refresh is because I cleared out a bush about the same time it completed if that helps.
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    Thanks for the report. We are investigating this issue!

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    I lost 4 star grunts a few days ago. Sent a support ticket in. Was basically told if it was a glitch I'd get it fixed, otherwise tough luck. What crap. Still no 4 star grunts.

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    Didn't know you could send support tickets, just did mine hopefully we get them.

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