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Thread: uCool's response to the iOS issue...

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    Angry uCool's response to the iOS issue...

    Dear Leader,

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. Hope your kindly understanding. Our tech are trying to optimize the game and try to make it run smoothly. The game is now 3D and requires much higher hardware and free space than it did before. Our tech suggest you upgrade your device. Please try to play on another device with better hardware and more free space.

    Best Regards
    Seriously? If an iPad Pro, by far the fastest mobile device currently available, isn't fast enough, what do you suggest? Way to pass the buck...

    If you have not played version 2 on an iPad don't say we're overreacting or being childish, you really have no idea how bad it is...

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    Omg old graphics were okay, i dont know their fetiche with "3d" ...q

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    Its a work in progress, in time Im sure itll be better optimized for a larger variety of devices. Be patient, if not maybe pick the game up again in 3 monthes when some kinks are better worked out. Or grab an android, seems to have less issues from what ive read and talked about with guild members. I use a samsung galaxy note 3 and it runs very smooth on the most part, battles could be smoothed out a little still but nothing major.

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    From someone who work at a mobile gaming company, this is the worst response ever... That's going completely to the wrong direction

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    Yea. I quit. My guild quit. I come here just t ok tell ucool fu. Fu for getting a lawsuit because you do things unethically. Fu ember.

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