HC has a very particular RNG: Whenever you start trials, rift, outland portal, campaign the RNG become set in stone, ie no matter how many time you redo the same stage/difficulty things will always be the same (provided that you yourself do the same thing each time of course, an example is to put auto mode on). It's good because it allow you to know what your enemy gonna do and react accordingly. But sometime the RNG is so bad (CRIT everywhere) that no matter what you do you will still fail. To reset the RNG, if you are in a trial for example, switch to a lower difficulty, start it but don't finish it. When you return to the initial difficulty the RNG would have been reset.
The problem is with campaign, with chapter 15 et 16 being very difficult you would need to reset a lot, and each time you lose 2 stamina. I have no problem with losing 2 stamina for each try, but sometime the RNG is simply so bad that I have no way of winning, but in order to reset you need to complete another campaign and potentially waste at least 6 staminas while trying to focus on a particular stage. So I'm asking if it's possible that for 3 stars campaign when we start but don't finish it there won't be a lost of 2 stamina? That way we can reset RNG more easily without changing much.