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Thread: Grand challenge is out

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    They were garbage! And only the fifth tier doesn't make up for the useless 30 others. Hopefully that'll change soon and we'll have at least 15 tiers with cool items (or tiers with only soul stones). Plus they should increase the diff. a little. There is no challenge right now, just auto-fight. But still cool rewards from the today's fifth tier, although I got unlucky... again...

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    No one expects every fight to reward them with orange loot. That would kill the game for me. I worked hard for my orange loot. It cost me tens of thousands of gems, countless GA points, and tons of farming normal for fragments. I don't want them to be handed out as freebies. I can't imagine anyone would.

    The problem is the loot disparity between random "sets". Last week one of the sets gave no orange items while the other 2 rewarded players with multiple O+1 loot. So the unlucky 33% of the community that got "set1" were annoyed, and rightfully so. This week 2 of the sets got O+2 gear for their tier 20 reward, one set got O+1. Now the O+1 set may compensate for the difference in the next 15 stages but if the past is any indication of the future that wont happen. So the issue is with the item quality difference. No one wants to feel like they got significantly less for the same effort. For Example. . .with the options of Crossed Swords, Spectre Notes, and a Nether Grudge (which were the t20 rewards for d4 this week) no on would choose the Nether Grudge because it has far less value. This item should have been Lucifer's Wings, Essence of Spirits, or an Immortal Flag to create a balance between the value of the sets but it wasn't. That is a reward design flaw that will push players away from their game.

    Personally, I've got both of the "lowest tier" sets. . .and I'm frustrated because of it. I haven't run to the forums to complain about it but I can see why people in my position would. RNG on the set rolls is fine as long as the value between sets is similar. Until that loot disparity is fixed, you can expect people to be upset, especially if they string together the lowest tier set for a few weeks. I don't think that makes them mentally challenged or idiots, it makes them human.

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    Nether grudge, and crossed swords are both 7 day farm item on 6 stam a day. So i dont see the issue there. But ya spectre note is a 10-11 day farm item like Lucifer wings, so those players definitely got favored a bit this week. It will probably all balance out at the end of the day. People always tend to remember when they get shafted and never when they get favored.

    The random element of many of the games aspects is getting a little out of hand, I can agree with that much. Most painfully in the pvp fighting. All the random effect heroes now, have turned the vast majority of thr full o2 meta into pulling a slot machine lever. It makes it hard to care about putting thought into teams when the variance is so retarded. Ill get 5 and 0'd in one match, change literally nothing resets CD and then ill 5 and 0 them back. I miss the day of having actual legitmate counter setups.

    This is from a VIP15 who sits at rank 1 GA the majority of every day who has 54 02 heroes. Play testing, theory crafting etc. Has been a joke ever since tf and sq hit magic stone. Keeps getting worse by the month... qoc, griffin, manipulator etc.

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    What Vip can open more chests?

    Edit: I found it in-game. VIP6

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