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Thread: Turtle Fighter (TF) Counter ?

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    Turtle Fighter (TF) Counter ?

    So far, I only found that the way to counter TF is to use your own TF, which is... meh.
    Anyone has suggestion for this? Other options with positive win rate?

    I just met a TF team in hard crusade today, just only 1 team, and barely survived with many retreats.
    Don t wanna imagine when you meet 2-3 TF teams in a row. Crusade is gonna be a nightmare.

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    Yesterday I beat a guildmate in the arena (it was time for the rewards and he didn't respond to my messages) who is probably the biggest spender in the game. His team was TF, Griffin, CK, IE and Manipulator, all 5 stars and O+2. I used AS to counter his IE and Manipulator, CW for backup and to turn Griffin's ult, Dominion for damage, Ninja for killing his backline in case it survived and IE to counter turtle. Not all my heroes were O+2, two were only maxed - IE and FD.

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