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Thread: Evony, I have been playing your games for years....

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    Evony, I have been playing your games for years....

    But the graphic sexist renditions of females in this game is just too much.

    Guess I will have to say "Good-bye" to all of your games.


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    You've been "playing for years" and are surprised by the sexualized content of Evony? You HAVE seen the countless ads right? I mean.. FOR YEARS they've sold sex to buy mid range graphics not related to such claims. Come on now.

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    Selling sex doesn't mean it's right. They're excluding many female gamers from enjoying this game. The men are mostly hideous monsters, they definitely are not showing side boob (or side nut in this case).

    Take the current loading screen for example; there is a scantily clad female dancing with some upskirt action, and brutish men/monsters staring at her, the men are drinking ale, the Medusa character looks like she is giving a BJ at the table... The list goes on from there.

    You can't possibly think that would be appropriate for children, or that any females appreciate this innuendo?
    It's crude and shows little gender equality. Basically this attitude enforces what's wrong with society as a whole.

    Just one female opinion, but I'm sure others would agree.

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