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Thread: Loot from Guild Raids *NOT* dropping...

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    Exclamation Loot from Guild Raids *NOT* dropping...

    Server 85 Artonia

    Username: grendelum

    ID: 12865107

    Both iOS and Android devices used, this isn't a user issue.

    Our Guild (Anime Fans 110047540) has been having a recurring problem, loot from Guild Raids not dropping. Some stages are not dropping anything while others may drop one item... This has been going on for several weeks now and has seriously frustrated us.

    Do Guild Raids not drop all of the items listed per stage?

    In the past we always got every item listed per stage without fail, now we are lucky to get three pieces total for an entire Raid (we finish Raid 13 every 4 days or so, Raid 14 every 9 days or so)... Please help us as its a major problem that shakes our belief in the game.

    We just ran Raid 11 to gather Rough Hewn Axe and the entire Raid dropped only 2 !!! What's going on?

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    Dear Leader,
    Thank you for your report. We will verify this issue and make corrections once the issue is confirmed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

    Best Regards,

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