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Thread: At what level is it possible to go for hard mode crusade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMamba View Post
    Well, you have DM and I've read somewhere that brute is the 2nd best tank in crusade
    On the other hand, when I started to play, DW and CK weren't in crusade shop, so Brute was my first (and only, for some time) 3* tank and it helped a lot. Now it's possible to get 3* tank from crusade shop in 7 days.

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    For normal crusade I use Admiral, DM, Chaplain, FM and OC, in some cases, I change Chaplain for Phoenix, Commando or CW. I get 15/15 every day. For hard I use WC, FD, Commando, CW and SL, in some cases I change her for OC or Phoenix. I get 9 to 12 / 15, which is really good gold and Dragon Coins.

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    This is my crusade team

    Dm o2
    Oc o
    Fm o
    Ss p4
    Com p4

    I use this team since lvl50 till now and always do it

    Also save energy at first stage
    For phonix , ie , mach , vs , hn

    In case that some thing go wrong in later stages
    But almost never used them just for insurance in case
    I had to fight too much sq or o2 eb

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