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Thread: Ember Blade - Ember remnant (ULTI)

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    Ember Blade - Ember remnant (ULTI)

    Dear uCool,
    could you finally either fix the skill or description of the skill Ember Remnant of Ember Blade? It still confuses lots of players, since the description says:

    "Releases 3 fire remnants on the battle field, when EB is hit by CRITICAL strikes, the remnants will explode...."

    Either fix EB to do what it says it should do, or change the description.

    Nowadays, EB's remnants explode only when EB is hit by LETHAL strike.

    Its funny cause people in our guild who think that it works is it should, argument that if it works as I say (so as it actually works indeed), uCool would have already fixed it. Not the case, good job, uCool.

    Just in case, you wouldnt believe me, there you have some proof within 1 fight (machinist - u can see both critical strike and then normal strike which should have triggered the explosion thus the normal strike would have to go to the next hero; FD - you have 2 pics, one of normal attack and second of critical strike - again not triggering the explosion)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for your report. We will fix it in next version.

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