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Thread: New Heores

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    New Heores

    Hi ,
    i came back to this game after 6-8 month i didnt palyed
    im Lv 84 i have few hereos 5*
    and i want to know what new heroes should i get to finish quests even faster?
    i dont have any problem in cursade
    i ahve problems in Time Rift and Trials and outland portal

    my hero list:
    Succubus - 5 Star - top Lv
    wind master - 5 Star - top Lv
    Shallows keeper - 5 Star - top Lv
    Commando - 5 Star - top Lv
    old curse - 5 Star - top Lv
    arcane sapper - 5 Star - top Lv
    Shadowleaf - 4 Star - top Lv
    war chief - 4 Star - top Lv
    lunar gurdian - 4 Star - top Lv
    Drunken master - 4 Star
    chaplain - 4 Star - top Lv
    frost mage - 4 Star - top Lv
    bear warrior - 3 star - Lv 68
    Deathmage - 5 star - Lv 68

    and some more heroes that im not using :P

    Thanks alot for the help !

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    Guild shop

    Disease bringer is great for portals (robot and troll), sone people use him with 4*

    Ninja Assassin: Higher dps on raids, and a beast in pvp at O+2

    Crusade shop

    Nothing great here, Pilot is great for portal(dragon and some people use him at phoenix)

    Grand Arena shop

    Cloud Walker great for Physical Trial and portals(Phoenix and Troll)

    Witch Doctor, great for Phoenix VI (only 3* needed)

    Arena shop

    Poisoned One is the best for PvE here, good for portals (robot and dragon)

    And you should get mystic to 5*
    Only available in bronze chest

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    You need to be able to defend NA/FD combos. Farm DV and IE. They are ultra important late game. Dont hurt to get your own FD/NA too

    Bring deathmage up to scratch, she is central dps in female trial, magic trial and for me, tidal temple as well.

    Also adm is one of the best if not the best tank in endgame, worthy to farm her (bronze chesting recommended)

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