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Thread: Locking Hero Promotion

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    Locking Hero Promotion

    Can you guys add an option to lock hero promotion? I accidentally promoted my chap to orange last night and she doesn't have enough gear now. I don't want my other heroes accidentally being promoted as well, like panda, commando, etc.

    Maybe you guys can add an option in in game options to disable hero promotion? So that as long as the option flag is set to true, none of any heroes can be promoted.

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    Live and learn, coming from a guy whom it happened twice, on Shadowleaf going from p+4 to worse orange and on chaplain from p+4 to orange. Now shadowleaf is o+1 4/6 and chaplain o+1 3/6. You are not hopelessly lost.

    Feature like that is unlikely to happen, too much hassle for them. Be more cautious next time.

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    Thats why they added the confirmation button, smh.

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    Except for the fact that star upgrade and gear upgrade is on the same screen and requires the same motions. It is just stupid interface design.

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