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Thread: how does work legendary skill?

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    Question how does work legendary skill?

    hey there, i need confirm about legendary skill.
    if i did a hero legendary who affecting multiple heroes (like admiral), I have to use them all in same fight?
    if i have admiral legendary, could my originals (chaplain, shadowleaf, emberstar) use her legendary skill in a fight without her?

    for example: brute has legendary skill that affected tank heroes. axe gang (brute, detah bringer, dwarf warrior, iron hoof, vanguard warrior)
    i dont want to use multiple tank heroes in a fight.. but is his ls affected these heroes?

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    I think, but canīt be sure since I havenīt done any legendary quest yet, that if you are not using the hero, you arenīt using his skills either, legendary or not.
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    Dear leader

    You should put your heroes in the same group to gain the auras from admiral etc, thanks. Have a good weekend.

    Best Regards

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