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Thread: Arcane sapper + Auto fight issue

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    Question Arcane sapper + Auto fight issue

    I experience an issue with Arcane Sapper

    For example in Crusade, when he starts a fight with full energy with Auto Fight on
    - He starts bashing someone
    - Uses his ability "Energy Burn" and blinks to an enemy
    - Immediately after uses his "Energy Void" ability
    - Then continues on melee hits

    After using his "Energy Burn" ability he does an AoE attack, but with Auto Fight he ignores it and does the "Energy Void" ability instead
    What I usually have to do is, wait for "Energy Burn", wait for him to do his aoe hit and then use the "Energy Void" ability

    Is this intentional to ignore the extra AoE hit when using Auto Fight on or could we see a fix on that?

    Thanks for reading,
    Hydeen [20666555]

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    Yes, it's in his behavior really stupid.

    For example:
    - Ember Blade when the auto-fight and full of energy - at first puts fire shield, and only then casts his ultimate.
    - Mystic under the same conditions - first cast blindness, and only then activates his ultimate.
    But the Arcane Sapper is not so, no, he is impatient and is not able to make rational use of his abilityes without compromising yourself ...

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    Dear Leader,

    Thanks for your report.

    We will verify this issue and make corrections once the issue is confirmed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. Hope your kindly understanding.

    Best Regards


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