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Thread: please help me, this issue makes me limp and weak

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    please help me, this issue makes me limp and weak

    Hello Devs / GMs

    straight to the point.

    I hit bad luck this afternoon 16 july, I just did Crusade Hard few moments ago, I use android mobile phone, as long as I play no problem, but this afternoon I immediately made up my body limp stress.

    story like this, stage 1 of my crusade passed with no problems, stage 2 is also no problem, on stage 3 when I started suddenly my android phone on the touchscreen does not work and the screen goes dark, when I restart my phone and back login HC, it turns out that I use dead hero all, I think I want to show a sense of anger, but I was still able to think calmly, there may be a solution.

    I ask so much, if I can be restarted stage 3 of its course so that my hero hero did not die away or be given the opportunity to restart 1x Crusade, because it is not possible at stage 3 all the heroes die and I can not continue because the Chaplain and the Dead Knight died without No resistance / use ultimate skill

    I had to beg and plead because I'm focused on competing arena in the last 2 weeks, because if I do not get coins and redeem points on this day, will make me more miss.

    I beg the understanding of Devs / Gms Ucool, for the attention I say thousands and thousands of thank you.

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    Dear Leader
    We are so sorry that we cannot help at this kind of situation. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Oh man, this doesn't sound great. Stress can indeed make your body feel weaker, so you have to deal with it effectively as soon as possible. My advise would be to buy cbd oil from a proven brand, like Aifory. This is the best option for natural medicine that eases stress without any side effect or harm to your health.

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    Due to the fact that I stopped feeling the effect of CBD oil, I began to think about the correct dosage. Okay, so I just stumbled upon this site and found all the questions about the UK CBD dosage calculator. I love that everything is described in such detail there! See for yourself!

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