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Thread: Hidden Needle not critting on Main skill

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    Hidden Needle not critting on Main skill

    i have been testing this for some time now and the skill is not critting at any time,
    and also the damage doesnt seem to grow with FM/Mystic in party ...

    atleast let us know if she cant crit at all since all her skills are magic skills and she has no magic crit ... but keeps stacking Physical crit that doesnt affect any of her skills.

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    Her ability can not crit, as it changes the type of damage caused by it to the divine (the one that ignores any kind of protection and resistance) when she gets her purple skill. She never had a magical damage at all.
    I do not know why she had it still grows, because she may cause physical damage only before getting her purple skill (though under the influence of silence, she loses her purple skill and causing physical damage only).

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    Hey Bud,

    Holy Damage from HN and Silencer does not crit, is undodgeable, cannot lifesteal and ignores armor and magic res.

    Only when they are silenced or affected by DeathBringer's ulti, the attacks become normal physical attacks that can crit, lifesteal, dodgeable etc.

    HN's calculation for Holy dmg is pegged to her physical attack stats as she is an agi hero - exactly how it's formulated I'm not sure. So Mystic wouldn't affect her dmg. But SL and LG buff would.

    The opposite can be said of Silencer. As an int hero, his holy dmg is pegged to Magic power instead and thus can be affected by Mystic. Not sure if FM works since she lowers magic res, which sort of negates Holy dmg that just assumes renders the hero that receives the holy dmg with 0 magic res and can't be lowered by FM's purple skill.

    So it is right to say that physical crit and lifesteal is wasted on her.

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