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Thread: Chapter xv too hard?

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    Well I finally beat that nightmare at lvl 89 with:
    5* WC O
    5* VS O
    5* NA P+4
    5* CW O
    4* DM O

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgjohnst View Post
    I'm still stuck on 15-2 normal. It is such a pain.
    i beat 15-2 and i used all level 89 heroes which are
    1.) death knight (5* & orange promoted with full gear)
    2.) cloud walker (4* & purple+4 promoted with 5/6 gear)
    3.)vengeance spirit (4* & orange promoted with 3/6 gear)
    4.)ninja assassin (5* & orange promoted with 4/6 gear)
    5.)death mage (5* & orange promoted with 4/6 gear)

    i completed with having all heroes alive. was quite easy with this setup cgjohnst. the only one to me could be replaceable would be death mage. dk kept my vs and cw alive by taking most of the damage while cw's clones helped keep dk alive by absorbing some of the damage. vs i guess could be traded out with old curse but vs crowd control works faster than oc's so she's better to me and ninja is the man who did the damage and death mage was a support damager

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    it's not THAT hard, you just have to use a certain heroes line up in every duel, maybe change one or to for some lvls but if u got Silencer, ninja assassin and vengeance it'll go just fine

    best reccommended team:
    Silencer, vengeance spirit, ninja assassin, cloudwalker and a tank (admiral or warchief)
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