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Thread: Forest Guardian spells seem to do unreasonable low damage.

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    Angry Forest Guardian spells seem to do unreasonable low damage.

    Currently i have level79 P+2 **Forest guardian with 2400 magic damage.
    His PS Split earth at maxed level has +533 damage (tooltip says). And to 52 levelcreatures it lands 539 damage. Why the hell 2400 magic damage turn into ~6 base PURPLE SKILL damage (creatures 25 levels lower so magic resistance is not an answer)? at arena this skill deals around 250 damage, which is like unnoticed for 15K+ HP heroes (i am 84 level ATM).
    His GS Lightning Storm (63) said to increase by 485 damage, to 52 lvl creatures it deals about 1021 damage which is not sensible by even them. At arena it deals 300-600 damage (depends on enemy MR) - joke, right?
    His BS diabolic Blast said to increase by 256 damage, and it seems not too bad dealing around 400 damage to low levels creep, but IN ARENA! This crap deals 39 (THIRTY fkn NINE) damage per tick at 44 level of skill - also feels like a joke, doesn't?
    It seems only his active ability Pulse nova can dish some damage at enemies, but he casts it too early when no enemies nearby, and when he comes in contact 25% of his energy is already wasted.
    In total in arena he deals about half damage my tank deals which is kinda nonsense for a 4 AOE ability hero.
    At glance this hero has some potential for fighting illusions based team (kinda in trend atm) but in practice...

    Can u (developers) please look into it and confirm this hero is designed to be utter sh..t and i can just forget about all money and cheeses i've invested into him, or it would be reviewed?
    I am VIP5 currently, hope it's enough to at least receive feedback.

    Any of users have him maxed (at starts, gear etc) and can say he becomes useful lately?

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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will report your case to our developers. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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