Hello Community and Ucool,

i suggest to bring more Quest in the Game that are maybe bring something fun within the Game were we can focus on trying new actions. As Reward we could get SS from Heroes.

Something like this

1 * Hero SS = Q should be not so heavy (Complete to get 10 SS)
2 * Hero SS = Q is little bit Heavy (Complete to get 20 SS)
3 * Hero SS = Quest should be difficult (Complete to get 40 SS)

u can return the Quest afterwards after finishing it once to daily were the rewards will be lower (2, 5, 10)

in daily formation there will be only 1 of all 3 be able to achiev (1x 1*H SS, 1x 2*H SS, 1x 3*H SS)

and the Q should mostly something like Mytic L Q where he had to deals in 1 Campagne Stage 350k DMG or x Enemy must be killed from 1 Hero of your Team or soemthing like this

I think this SUggest is still possible to improve but i hope u kind understand what i try to say.

PS. Sorry for my bad english

Best Regards