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Thread: SERIOUS lagging in "Heroes charge" v1.8.7.22

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    SERIOUS lagging in "Heroes charge" v1.8.7.22

    Device = Kindle fire HD (2012)
    OS = Android 4.0.3
    Game = Heroes charge (android (amazon, not google),
    Account ID = 20074636
    Account name = Luminous
    Guild ID = 110123362
    Guild = Twink City
    Server = 136, City of Korstra

    I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this, but after the game auto-updated to the latest version (see above), it was SUPER lagging. The game always had some lagging in previous versions too, but it was very minor & therefore acceptable. However, in this version, the lagging has made the game almost un-playable.
    1) The drop-down menu arrow (top-fight corner of the screen) & most other click-able elements in the game wouldn't respond at all unless I tapped them several times repeatedly.
    2) I had some XP boosting items & some characters whose levels weren't maxed out yet, so I decided to use the XP boosting items on them. However, every time that I did that, the game acted like I was hammering away at the process at the speed of light, & it would immediately use up all of a specific item (unless that specific character was close to their current maximum level) & make the attendant "Stop hammering away at the screen" noise for several seconds, even though I would only tap once to do so. The noise didn't stop until after I tapped somewhere else to get the game's attention. It did that for everybody that I used XP boosting items on.
    3) In several fights in every mode, if I didn't have the fight's set to auto, sometimes my attempts to use somebody's special (after it was charged, of course) would be delayed by a few seconds after I tapped a charged-up character. Once, I even set a fight to auto because I didn't trust the game's lagginess, but my charged-up characters STILL didn't use their 1st skills until after I turned auto off & then turned it on again.

    All of the examples listed only happened yesterday (2015, June 16). Today (2015, June 17) is somewhat of an improvement in overall lagginess. However, although the super lagginess seems to have changed back into the minor/acceptable lagginess, the fact that the super lagginess didn't happen until after the latest update makes me suspect that that is (or was, if you prefer) the main cause of it.

    By the way, none of the other apps on my device experienced any increase in lagginess during this incident.

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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will report the case to our developers. Thanks.

    Best Regards
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    I can confirm it - clearing the caves for exp today, I wasn't able to turn on autofight button for 7-12 sec's after the fight start. While I was picking up heroes for a crusade fights the game was freezing for several sec's and didn't respond to any actions on the screan at all. One time I got - "The application Heroes Charge do not respond" error.

    There was never any problem with the game before today for me.

    Asus Zenfone 5
    android 4.4
    game build:

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