I am level 85 near completing 5* on Forest Guardian. I'm not sure if I like using him or not. I can't say he is overpowered, but the numbers on the damage meter don't lie. I strictly want analysis for as an arena hero. I don't care about other stuff. I've been using FG sparingly with meager success. His shining achievements come in against NA. I hate how he charges enemy energy. Has anyone experienced him with Silencer, Vengeance Spirit, Shadow Leaves, Depths Voice, or (L) Lightning Elemental? Is he good on a VW team? Does he need mystic or frost mage? Is there a special way to use this guy? I love him, he's fun, but he seems to taunt the enemy as much as destroy them. I don't get him and I'm not seeing great potential. His gear set seems to lack in defensive enhancements. Does he have enough offense power to justify him being in rotation? His tendency to want to get killed when he ults and his gear set make me call him a suicide bomber type. He's alright at best it seems. Anyone have anything worth mentioning on him? He almost always puts up good damage but at the same time as being suicidal he charges enemy and gets my whole team killed making his damage useless if it just causes death to my own team. I have Necromancer. Machinist. Frost Mage. Mystic. Phoenix. Fallen Dominion. Drunken Master. Ember Blade. Arcane Sapper. There are other strong heroes I'm missing, notably Old Curse. I wanted to be a tester for Forest Guardian. But I need help. Please add something so I know what direction to go in with this powerful suicidal hero.